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Sun in Leo

Hello and welcome to another episode of Clarissa K Explains It All, I am Clarissa K and thank you so much for joining me in the space, where we get an opportunity to share some time with each other. I hope life and time are treating you well and that you are using these moments to move forward in life, love and everything in between. Happy Birthday to the splendid ones, the Leos, I hope you take the world by storm as this is YOUR season!!! And in this episode, we will be delving into the symbolism of the Sun in Leo and Leo’s energetic expression, in relation to us.

What Dates Are Leo?

In Astrology, Leo season is July 22 to August 22, the sign of Leo is represented by the Lion. The Lion’s presence is like a King, or Queen in their domain, where their dynamic demeanour in that wills attention. This is very symbolic of the characteristics of the Leo sign, as Leos genuinely like to feel so though they can take their natural level of quality into their environment and project their presence to add significant value to that space. Their need for quality, can create a desire, that may like to strive towards having the best and will make an appearance in our lives, and why not? We all would love to feel as though we are the one sitting on our own of throne surrounded by royal splendour, a little piece of our world, where we inspire people. This is what the Leo star sign offers us this season. First, let’s gain an insight into the Sun in Leo, this is part 1. Next week will lead into the Moon in Leo, then Mercury in Leo, and finally Mars and Venus in Leo. Giving us an excellent scope of all those Leos Zodiac sign qualities and how we may energetically use these traits in our own space to make things happen and to shine. So Let’s Begin.

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Why Is Leo ♌︎ Ruled By The Sun?

In Astrology, the Sun (☉) is the ruler of Leo. The Sun has a journey through the summer season that first starts in Cancer, the sign of emotion and motherhood, an energetic space where we gain an insight into our emotional needs. To then transition into an active space where we find acceptance of the Self, now knowing the things we need emotionally, how to show people who we are, how we use our creativity, how to love our natural abilities, and how to shine in the world – Sun in Leo.

Is Leo The Only Sign Of The Sun?

Although the Sun rules the Leo zodiac sign, it is also exalted in Aries when found in a persons birth chart. The Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries, meaning the highest qualities of the Sun can be achieved in this position, associated with strength, power, magnetism, luck, generosity and prosperity. It also means it loses the strength of these qualities when in Libra, known as Debilitated. Do not worry Libras! We all have a purpose as it is Libras place to represent the state of balance and to be the pivot between summer and winter, as the height of the Autumn season. Libras represent natures transition (Fall) into the dark – the Winter season, just like Aries represents the Spring and the transition into the Light. Libra, however, does exalt Saturn, the Ruler of Capricorn (the peak of winter), and is Debilitated in Aries. Saturn is considered the opposite to the Sun, there always has to be a relationship of polarities, Libra’s will inherently know this. Ok, anyway, back to Leo’s! My apologies, your Majesties, lol.

What Is Leo?

Firstly I just want to say how pleased I am with the news that gyms are opening at the end of July, as you know, I cannot wait! I am already thinking about how much I will like my exercise plan, and I have readjusted back to my serious-healthy-eating because bit by bit, it was starting to slip. At this moment, I made a Green Tea, Ginger, Mango and Pineapple Smoothie, so refreshing with a little crushed ice and the ginger was frozen so doubled up like an ice cube too. I already love that my lifestyle is coming back, it is part of a self-love mindset, and I feel like going to the gym will be so rewarding. I think it is the best time to open to alleviate fear and is so significant being in the Leo season, as the gym version of exercising is quite Leo-esque, as there is a lot of centre of attention energy in the space. In Astrology, the Sun in Leo is confident, may display in a big personality and can be attached to the love of the Self, which if on a route towards extreme may have an element of vanity. The gym experience can offer people a lot of instances that can cater to natural vanity and attention, which is also the reason why people can find it intimidating, as it can take a lot of emotional compromising if it is not naturally felt. I had to start with the importance of the routine to keep me going when I become comfortable and saw results, then the vanity enters, I will call it Self love lol. So I completely do not mind lol, the big mirrors all around, everyone flexing and showing how good they have got it, yes, I am excited to really get back in there. There is so much energetic expression focused in one space, I like it.

The Connection To The Feminine - The Clarissa K philosophy

She believes that her world shows reflections of how she feels. So she chooses to feel special, to feel adored, to feel like a Queen with self-love, respect and care. She is a woman who only wants the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.

Is A Leo A Sun Or Moon Sign?

In the time of Sun in Leo, we are offered the energetic influence of this regal fire element, and the energy its shares to power us through our daily activities and our creative passions. When we think of the Sun and its relationship with everything else, we can acknowledge that everything has to go around the Sun. Whatsmore, their energetic intention of planets is time determined speaking to their journey they have around the Sun. Meaning although, other planets may have their own gravitational systems involving their individual moon, moons and their asteroids, they all still have a relationship within the scope of revolving around the Sun, maintaining the balance of their purpose. Wow, how powerful. 

The star sign Leo person may feel the presence of their own aura in relation to the lives of others, and in the needs required for various situations. Just like we know the Sun is at its strongest between 12pm and 2pm, getting hot because it feels warmer, the higher the Sun goes in the sky. Leos feel as though their presence is so strong that it can seem to arrive before they do. We understand the Sun has to a huge part to play in the creation of life, even before our concept of recording time, we were connected to the sense of waking up with the rising of the Sun. Giving us the energy needed to have a purposeful function in the daytime, essentially transferring our energy into the work we give attention to in the notion of creation in our life. As the Sun journeys through the day and transitions into the dark of the evening, we also transition relative to the moon’s personality, each evening introducing contemplation, home, nurture and emotional unveiling and relaxation in our personal space.

 The Sun gives us life, and the ability to show who we are who, what we stand for in our relationship to the world. How we present ourselves to others, and how we show our resilience in the things we do, becoming the master of time through our craft. In this setting, we can understand why Leos feel royal.

What Does The Zodiac Sign Leo Mean?

Now we know that our time in the Sun in Leo season will be giving us the opportunity to become a skilled Boss in the corporation of our mindset, or a performer, getting ready for a performance on our naturally born on the stage. The big personality that shines in whatever things we feel is our element. Even a Leo Mother, she could be the centre of her pride with her cubs around her. 

In nature, the Sun has no counterpart in its own solar system, as a mindset can create a superiority complex season, so we must also know that part of the Sun in Leo nature can, if willed, lead to the concept of the superego. A time where they do not believe in the Shrinking Violet sentiment at all, wherein serving them is obliged to be the work of joy for people. Oh, Leos lol.

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What Element Is Leo?

In Astrology, Leos are the second heat within the fire element. I think of people with the sign of Leo as a comparable to a campfire, the fire that creates social bonding, friends laughing in their experiences, having comfortability around a warming heat, cooking for each other in a feel-good energy. This is what Leos vibe can offer us this season.

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Thank you so much for joining me again in this space, and I hope this time has connected with you. And if you loved our connection, please share in the places that you care, and I will appreciate it if you follow, subscribe or connect in any way you feel is right for you. I am completely fine with that, and I will see you shortly for Sun In Leo Part 2. Next week, continuing with the inner life of Leos. Delving into the Moon in Leo, the characteristics and concept of the Self, and the ego connections to emotions. Super interesting, so until then, take care.

Love Always

Clarissa K

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