Hello and thank you for visiting, my name is Clarissa K and I am so pleased that you could be here with me in this space. If this is your first time here, then thank you so much for finding me and taking the chance to delve in. And if this your returning visit, WOW, thank you for continuing to hold my hands and grow together through this journey, it is wonderful.

Common Theme

Transit: Moon Sextile Saturn

We are feeling very stimulated by our conversations, there is common ground, and we are finding the topics interesting, we feel the worth in taking the time to listen to people. We are less feeling as though there is a need to rush conversations, spending more minutes listening to those we are close to. We are pleased to hear what will happen, and we are gaining more information and insight from each other, the communicating is comforting. It is showing that we are good listeners, the information is understandable, relatable and we are talking about everything. Personally, I think I have had conversations about so much recently, all relating to progressing through life. Our openness to becoming more communicative with each other is leading to many of us feeling more creative, using talents to make our communication and expression more powerful.

The expression of our feelings is increasing our emotional intelligence, and it is due to our relationship with time, we are no longer running from conversation to conversation, catching the sounds bites on the way to the next. The value in discussions have changed, just like how we are communicating has changed. Distance and containment are mirrored with vulnerability and nurturing, sharing the most intimate parts of ourselves because we feel we must. We are allowing our insecurities to gain objectiveness by sharing our thoughts and expressing the sounds of our soul. Some are finding they never knew they could be so open, and only due to not having the time. They were focused on the day-to-day, what needs to be done to get through their day was the priority, now, we are definitely placing more emphasis on the planning side of life. We are looking at mentality simulating conversations that stretch the logic of the thoughts we have always had. I see this in my own life, having conversations with people from alternative walks of life, we all in the space a common theme in life right now, the environment we live in. Gone are the days where we ask each other about the weather, our common theme has become our conversation opener, “How are coping?” And now there are long term indicators that show us some parts of what we are going through will remain, maybe this question will always be the conversation starter.

Changing With The Wind

Transit: Mercury Sextile Saturn

Although safety and caution play on our minds, the serious tone that had an effect on our reactive nature does not feel as severe, we are allowing broader topics to become part of our conversations more and more. We do still have a level of consideration which keeps conversations accountable. The sensitivity that comes with our communication brings realisation to those with different points, creating awareness about venturing too far out. There remains the feeling of the unforgotten sacrifice connected to the loss we have faced, these are emotions that come with understanding our fragility as human beings.

We are in excellent time for strategy, how we move forward is all there in our thoughts, what is life going to look like in a month or even next year. When we say 2021, it sounds strange and too soon, however, saying 2020 brings up a lot more emotions, who could have imagined that 2020 would hit us like a Tsunami when we were only trying to go swimming in the paddling pool. 2020, I love you, and I dislike at the same time, see, a reflection of Gemini ability to change with the wind lol. What I love is that there has been more room for imagination, we have space for the feeling of possibilities. There is even room to have the concept of having a plan for those who never have. The feeling of wanting to be organised creates steadiness, and we are confident in communication about our ideas and ideals. In those conversations, our plans are met with practicality and groundedness, the elements that piece together the future picture. It is an excellent time network with people, learning and teaching, using this time to really think about change and injecting something else we had no idea we would love. Utilising this time can create opportunities to develop mastery, as communication loves mastery. As the clarity of thought feels clearer, let’s create moments that we can hold on to, the wind always changes, Gemini is a wind element, and things coming to the surface can be transformative.

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The Wind Shakes The Earth

Transit: Mercury Trine Pluto

I think it is quite interesting that we are in Gemini Season and the two countries that are always connected are ruled by Gemini Leaders. There is a lot of focus on the US and the UK, with significant emphasis on communication. It is easy to see their similarities and poplar opposites in their style of communication. Gemini is characterised by having a twin nature and holds its value in mental activity and information, it also reflects the relationship we have with our family, friends, siblings and neighbours. I just wanted to highlight this. I am not going to use this space as an opportunity to be negative, I wanted to keep it dedicated to beauty. In this week’s podcast episode, I do go into further details of currents and the connection with our emotions. The UK has a longer course of history than the US, and a different relationship to communication, and I personally think the Leadership in the UK is doing the best it can in the situation it is in.

Communication is part of our karmic relationships and is always the first key that opens up to the next level of human evolution. Each level is like a room filled with transcendent opportunities in environments that can create awareness, acknowledgement, amendment and action (I felt connected to A words for a minute there lol). If we were to leave the room and lock the door without taking the opportunity to grow, we are left walking the hallways until we are given another chance to enter the room. When we remain there, the possibilities are given to others, this is what makes emerging mindset see things over time as old fashioned, things that we would consider to be unreceptive to the ideas required by the needs of the future. Every country has a karmic tale, written in their birth and created in the foundations. Gemini is ruled by Mercury in western astrology, Hermes in Greek history and Thoth in ancient Egyptian history. They are archetypal figures that represent our inner journey of emotional rebirth, gained through the awareness of knowledge. Both Gemini leaders are here to reflect our relationship with communication, the way our communication plays a role in our connections with others, and what our voice is really saying about our responses.

Emerging Thoughts

Transit: Mercury Conjunction Lilith

This is what can be hard for some to connect with, the feeling of change. The way we communicate has a reflective relationship with the forever changing environment around us. What we think today may not have been imaginable ten years ago, and the emerging thoughts of today have to find their way to grounded reality, this is not always easy. The requirements of transformation bring up deep-rooted feelings that are so rooted, they are responsive triggers performing on the uneven surface. Thoughts represented as the wind does not think about underneath the surface, that is the role of earth. Thoughts are concerned with the processes of the mind, however, with force thoughts have the ability to shake the earth. The earth absorbs what is laid on the surface to be part of the foundation and function of emerging thoughts, giving life to new growth, and growth is the continuation of intention. Thoughts determine the intention, we just cannot forget to understand that they will be connected to the source of our emotions.

Another thing we are really aware of is trying not to overeat, the struggles!! I usually have a routine poster on my fridge that I tick off each day, and with the lack of gym, it has affected my normal way of eating. This new sedentary-esque lifestyle and changing of activities can create issues on a structured mindset, having to adjust. It is easy to procrastinate, and we are trying not to let ourselves be led astray by food because of the comfort it brings. At the moment, resisting lemon sorbet is proving very difficult for me. Although, I am finding this environment empowering on the emotions and allowing reconnection with ourselves, the routine of what was it missed. If there was a combination of both, maybe that would work, or maybe that is my answer for everything. We will see.

What Lies Beneath

Transit: Mercury Square Uranus

Imagine, concreate slabs cracking to reveal the rich growth from buds that laid dominant, only surfacing because of a shake in the foundation. Those concrete slabs will have to go through a process to be anything close to what there were, and even with reconstruction, they will be reconstituted with different raw materials. Meanwhile, the development of life that lies underneath is part of the cycle that has always been. Water, our emotions, combines with earth, our foundations, that contains the seeds that grow with heat, our food and substance, and growth from our substance is carried through the air like seeds onto futile new ground.

For some, what they feel is an awakening; however, it feels like they being turned inside out. All the things that were contained, not realising they were contained, some even being aware of the containment, however, believed those thoughts and feelings would never show on the surface one day. Their environment has become more reflective of how they feel, it is the necessity of life, always requiring balance. We were in an emotional containment which we had accepted about life, now due to the external environment becoming contained, it has created a need for inner freedom. The emotional release can be a shock, it can also be an adventure, shaping the way we view life, individually though our identity, and together in our walk with others. There is a new acknowledgement that we are deeply connected, not just in our surrounding environment, it is in the next level of global consciousness. You can understand our instant response to this evasive shift that pushed us to this awareness, “Er, excuse me, I need six feet of space please.” Lol, we are so human.

Its really important for us to try not to overstimulated ourselves too much, as some could feel as though they are mentally running. The pull makes some wonder where it all leads, questioning whether there is any ground in the next destination. It is really good to questions our thoughts through self-examination, it creates a conversation about what is most important in our daily lives. What do we wake up thinking? What do we go to bed thinking? What are the thoughts consumed with throughout the day? The conversation with ourselves is coming from emotional places that need responses, they make us identify the feeling so we can communicate and express it with those around us. When we hear some of our thoughts aloud, knowing there is another point of view fixed on them too, it helps us to be objective and gain understanding. Our family we not hesitate to let know that we make rash decisions, or not to worry too much about things. Some thoughts can be harder to interpret as sometimes language is not broad enough to be descriptive about how we feel, it can sometimes be limiting and a barrier to interpretation, this can cause us to express rather than communicate. There feels like so many reasons to express, and I love expression, and with so many influences around us that it sometimes takes express to be descriptive until we can communicate those emotions into words. Think about how sequences of letters we use to create words compared to sequences in numbers we use in calculations. Again, being understood goes back to emotions, and being aware of the way our feelings reactive conversations, held in our environment.

These are the times when we want to be in a good debate as it shows how assertive we can be, we love the passion, especially when we have that feeling of intensity which with comes something we feel strongly about. It helps us to gain introspection about our constraints and limitations, our beliefs and resources, those debates serve to reinforce or re-evaluate those influences, they are the beginning of smaller conversations that aim to create trickles. I think of the emotions as represented by the water element, the nature of water is so connected that it is unconsciously guided by the intent to connect with the ocean. It is the only element, regardless of its reaction and interaction with the other elements, that will always find its way back to the ocean, to be a part of our collective emotions.

Love Always Clarissa K

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Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people through their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns and the language that exists in the spaces around us, which led me to the world of unconscious thinking, Metaphysics and Astrology. My interests became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com

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