The road to opportunity


In recent times, I gained an understanding that contemplation is a mix of deep consideration sprinkled with a delicate touch of procrastination. It can be an energy that keeps you in a nice, safe balance between your hopes and the need to take action towards the things you want to do. Having been immersed in what seemed like a never-ending journey of emotions, while trying to redefine what my career was going to be during the pandemic, I could appreciate how true this was. I knew that I had to create another level for my business if it was going to work.

Clarissa K Skincare

Providing your skin with a holistic approach to nourishment through repair, protection and transformation to smooth, supple and luminous skin. Vitamin-rich products infused with essential oils to boost and tone the skin with nutrients.

Exploring Limitation

I previously provided beauty treatments and astrological chart readings, a combination of creating beauty, inside and out. Maybe it would be enough if it was not for my ambition and my love of creating. I knew I needed to create; the feeling would not and does not let me rest, I love it. I had the idea to create a skincare product for a while as I previously created a skincare range; again the pandemic hit that idea. I felt like it was intentional, as there was more to my spiritual development and knowing that needed to evolve.

At the EVA (Enterprise Vision Awards) awards 2021, it was so amazing to be sitting at the table with women who had a really good relationship with consistency. They were the results of what movement looks like, what it means to put effort into the essence of diligence regardless of what else they have to balance in their lives. They just got on with it because that is in their connection to desire and knowing about their relationship with life, they must create, and creation takes consistency. Those women and their efforts showed up in style that night and the whole event was just beautiful, especially in terms of how it made you feel to be there, so much inspiration.

My first light bulb moment came to me when I saw women from all backgrounds and lifestyles going on stage because of their hard work and telling their emotional journey with life. It was that night I knew I had to move forward with my idea. I was ready to admit that my idea was in the contemplation box, still, at the concept stage. I knew I was ready for it to come out of that box and turn into the I have to work hard for it stage. Not only that, I was ready to say yes to my desire and knowing.

So now it was time to think of how the next stage will look and feel. I thought, ok, how am I going to create? How am I going to get all that is needed to create? I had already completed an organic skincare business course, so I had a good insight into how to create an organic skincare business in theory, such as how to preserve the ingredients for longer shelf life and the effects the ingredients will have on the body.

Connecting To Opportunity

Through my spiritual growth, I have gained a deep understanding and emotional connection to our relationship with what we put in and on our bodies. To the point, I included this thought process as a subject for my research project when I did my degree, titled: What Impact Do Feminine-Based Products Have On Women’s Wellness? I had the opportunity to research the negative effects of certain chemicals in current products and how they affect the body. Especially with regards to a woman’s endocrine system, the basis of hormonal control and coordination relating to the body’s metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth and development, responses to stress, and moods.

So it was all pointing in the right direction; however, I still felt like I was waiting for life to happen. I began waiting for that feeling to tell me something, and with that, the feeling of contemplation was coming back. Would I go back to that still motion again? Not too long after that thought came and left, I got a call from Coral, the founder of the Pink Link Networking group, of which I am a member. Side note: This is a wonderful networking group, and my progress there needs its own story, so I shall remain focused. Coral mentioned that they were collaborating on a new project, co-designed by Lancaster University and Yordas Group, called the NextGenChem programme. It is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Lancashire to develop their business concepts through the programme as long as their product has the use of chemicals. I could not believe it. Instantly, another light bulb went off in my head. It was just mind-blowing that I would have an idea about a skincare product; there would be an opportunity to have the skincare range tested in a laboratory within a university setting, and funded. How did this happen? Ah, funding. To Entrepreneurs at this stage; the meaning of funding is defined as the balance between having ideas, creating tools for implementation, learning what works, and then finding ways to fund the next idea until growth appears. Due to this Entrepreneurial balance or juggling, many good business ideas stay within the contemplation box.


That week I was on a high; the planning could begin. I wrote down the date of the NextGenChem programme, filled in my application form and started writing down exactly what I wanted the skincare range to represent. The day of the NextGenChem programme came; it was a group video conference via zoom. There were so many female entrepreneurs who had many ideas; it was great to see. The thing that stood out for me was that they were at the realisation stage of their ideas. I think I was the only one still in the concept stage. It seemed everyone had something physical to bring to the table; either they were selling through distribution, waiting for investment or needing more research and development. Again, it opened my eyes and made me ask myself, what am I waiting for? I needed to make another energy shift into growth; instantly I started to think I could do this. When it was time for individual assessment where they find out more about your business and present the options they can offer, the NextGenChem programme offer two options. One: they can professionally and academically research your industry, the chemical processes available, how it can be a solution and what would be involved in creating your chemical-related product. You can then create your product based on that research. Option two, they can test your ready-made chemical-related product or sample while you complete the research relating to the chemicals within your product. It was undeniably clear that I would have to complete my research as I was halfway there anyway, produce the product and send it all to them to be tested. Right then, I could hear the words, “backed by science.” For a spiritually-inspired business to have a product backed by science, it was clear that this is the direction.

Mindset To Movement

The question. When you create what could be considered a spiritually-inspired product and for it to have a beautiful connection with modern science. Do you take the opportunity? My impetus to create a product was in full vision. It was time to create. The NextGenChem programme does give you 18 months to do it, which is nice; however, I wanted the feeling of now to remain, it was keeping me moving.

Being the end of January 2022, the Pink Link Networking Group launched their events for the next few months of the year, and there it was, their public next event: International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. I knew it then; this was my deadline to create my skincare product; this was the day people would be able to try and buy and I had 8 weeks to get it done. I was so lucky to also get freelance work to cover the immediate added expense of gathering everything together in the process of creation. I could connect my mindset to investment and see the benefits in the why, and just enjoy making and doing. Equipment, ingredients, formulating, designing, changing my beauty room into a production room, every energy needed was an investment, even going LIVE online to demonstrate how the product is made. The launch would be here before I knew it, and that edge is what I needed; movement creates the best out of me.

The Perfect Formula

It was here, International Women’s Day, deadline day, launch day, and I got everything ready in time. I did it, I cannot believe I did it, and I was so nervous. As I was getting my table ready to showcase my products at the event, I thought you could put on a good face, but it would mean nothing without belief. So could I do this? Do I believe it? 9:30am came, time to open the doors to the public. I do not know what happened at that moment, yet I can tell you I became me. I loved every minute of it; every person that walked by the table tried a sample. I put it on the back of their hand with a spatula, and they rubbed it in as I spoke to them about the benefits, and they loved it. They loved the smell; they loved that it is organic and anti-ageing; and made with gold, yes gold. And it sold.

I could not believe it got such great attention and this was in part due to the network of support that was there. The Pink Link Ladies are genuinely supportive, and their interaction with me, and made other people curious. It is great for them to be a part of the growing process as this is what we are all trying to do. They wanted to see what I was doing at my first event showcasing Clarissa K Skincare, and they wanted to show their support; it was wonderful. Also, the NextGenChem programme had a table at the event, which was great as the Clarissa K Skincare became a showcasing example of the brilliant support they offer.

That day, I felt the perfect formula. Attend events showcasing the product and showing the personality behind the product. I realised while you can have an amazing product, it also needs presentation; it needs personality. The next step is to do another event, continue working on brand awareness, and reinvest back into the business to fund further events. The main thing is to keep focused on a forward mindset and not on limitations. By continuing to connect with opportunities that come my way, I can grow the business. I will also be handing in my research and product to the NextGenChem programme very soon. That has to be top-notch as it is going to be seen by the eyes at Lancaster University and Yordas Group.