The Race We Run


Hello, I hope you’re ok. I hope life is treating you well and welcome to this space where we have the opportunity to share some time with each other. I am really excited to begin this journey with you. It seems as though it is the right time to explore the nature of the energies that are operating within us and around us. You can listen to my first official podcast, UK Transits – Taurus Season – Episode 1, and if it connects with you please subscribe, share and be sure to check out new episodes each week.

As you may or may have not known, I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people and their astrological sign. As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns of life that exist. Then when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I wanted to study Astrology academically. Even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, it was so interesting that I just knew I had to. For more information about MISPA, click here.

Girls Talk Podcast

I wanted to use this time to diversify my skills and create a podcast that is Girls-Talk themed, where it is centred around expressing the emotions that we could be feeling reflected from the energies around us. Astrology can be quite technical, the terminologies used can be a distraction from the main themes for those who do not have that insight. So in the podcast, I will be discussing the themes of what we are going through without mentioning all the different aspects. I will place those aspects in the blog versions for those who would like to know which energies I am using in my interpretations. In this week’s episode, I will be discussing the movements that will be surrounding us for the Taurus season, which starts on the 21st of April through 20th May. The idea is to give an insight into the collective consciousness from the UK point of view, however, make it feel personally connected. You can listen to podcast here, UK Transits – Taurus Season – Episode 1,

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Compelled To Feel Self-Worth

Transit: Taurus Sun 1° Sextile Natal Capricorn Pluto 2°

Let’s Begin. It is so simple to say that this is the time to focus on ourselves, but it is. We have been giving the gift of time, to be able to work those things that we felt we never give enough time. This is surrounding our introspection, self-evaluation and the introduction of new ideas and projects. It may be reflecting on things that we have been through, situations while in them we felt as though there was not much choice. As a result, we now have the time to ask ourselves, how can we make this situation benefit our lives? It really about new ideals and relating them to how we can navigate through life so it does not feel the same as it always has. There is a feeling of wanting to progress. We could feel inspired to undertake activities that grow our self-confidence and explore interests that strengthen our identity. As there is a sense of where is this all going, there is an anticipation of relief for when we can leave the house without limitations, inspiring what could be a completely fresh new wardrobe. We may be thinking about not returning to the same employment as previous because this time has allowed us the opportunity to contemplate want we want to do. Now some may be considering the move to start their own business, as this experience has spoken to us in a way where we feel we should rely on our own version of financial security. Some may be wanting to introduce a new active hobby as health, wellness and nutrition has become a huge conscious thought. Personally, this is where I am, as I in the 7th week of my healthy lifestyle plan. I have a big A3 poster on my fridge that I changed every week which has a list of daily targets that I tick off. This includes drinking my green juice and having good snacks and although I did start the plan before the big change it included workouts and gym sessions. I have found that during this time things have naturally slowed down, so the drive that I had learnt and built up to go to the gym is not there when compared to the enthusiasm of home workouts. I do still exercise with weights, occasional running and the use of my exercise bike so is not just furniture, however, my experience in the gym appeals to me as it is exercising while being in a social and friendly environment. I miss it.

The Race We Run

Transit: Taurus Sun 1° Square Natal Leo Jupiter 1°

The introduction of the lockdown was one of the signifiers of this energy, as it brought things into focus which then appeared as an idea on the main stage, it looked like opportunity. There were those who had seen the movement in the market and envision an opportunity to create new revenue.

Now picture this, we all been placed at the starting gate in a race and the gun has already gone off. As the gun smokes, some of us have taken off fast, steady on their tracks, knowing what to do and are reaching for the baton of opportunity. Then there are some who are stood at the starting gate in their ready position, ready to move forward while contemplating how they are going to succeed in running their own race. They think, “I’m going watch how those who decided to run ahead so I determine how I will see the challenges in this new environment.” They then stroll, allowing the structure of security to form around them, helping to guide to their intuition into what is secure. Then there are some that remain at the starting gate asking for the gate to be closed, thinking, ” I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go, I want to stay here, no in fact, I want to go back. I felt secure where I was and I do not know what to do in this direction.” Unfortunately, for some, they are filled with thoughts of, “What is the point?” There was not a desire to become lethargic, however, they have found themselves slipping into the feeling of becoming passive in their actions and feeling like there is no end to the mundane. The various array of different mindsets may continue with the introduction of thoughts of how they are going to keep moving forward and how long they can remain in this energy.

Now we are coming out of the fast feeling gained in Aries and moving into the Taurus season, which is more of a relaxed energy. It attracts to things that make us feel and there is a need for sensuality, comfort and value in Taurus season. So a mindset may enter, the thoughts of, “Maybe I should not have moved so quickly because I have to keep it going and it feels like the track has grown longer.” “What will things look like when life goes back to normal? Will my ideas and my value fit in that environment in the same way?”


Awaken By The Heart

Transit: Aries Moon 13° Conjunction Natal Aries Node 13°

There will be a lot of questions that want to face us, however, the best thing about this is that it does bring about wisdom and clarity. There those who are becoming wise in their awareness and are some of us are going through enlightenment, right now. They are feeling massive bouts of knowing things have moved into evolution. It is the awareness of the starting stage and the ending stage, the final kick and the final drive into their self-development journey. This could relate to all kinds of things, maybe it is just beginning of new a mindset where it changes how we process things, creating new instinctual habits that were not there before and where the changed will be noticed.

Some people are now discovering the language that is developed between the lines of life, discovering the alternatives to their thoughts and the different ways to see life. Grounding the thoughts that were swirling in their emotions and now it has stopped and so still that they could be seen and understood. It becomes profound and beautiful, it inspires us differently. For some, it is through creativity, literature as an example, and for some, what they are going through becomes scientific and they now understand the relationship between our health, our emotions and our biochemistry. Some people may be thinking about financial losses and how they can make sure that they are prepared for potential future events by ensuring they become more financially intelligent.

The exploration of now has switched on the light giving them a connection with their beliefs, maybe they want to become closer to those things that give them a sense of happiness, those things that unlock what it means to place more emphasis on their purpose. Through this process of validation, it creates a transformation, starting with the acknowledgement of that moment. It introduces really profound and deep feelings, for some, it may become an obsession and dive into the things they become aware of about themselves.

For some, it may not matter at all whether it good or bad, it is very powerful nevertheless. What it will look like in our environment will be dependent on who we are and how much time we give to the small changes, to the moments we give being emotionally connected with your dreams. And most importantly questioning what the desire is and where does it come from? One thing they will be sure of and that is the way it makes them feel, as though it made them, feeling like it is connected to higher thought. For some, it is the feeling of source, a connection to God, however it feels, it is divine.

Opening The Door Behind The Door

Transit: Aries Moon 13° Opposite Natal Libra S.Node 13°

For some, life feels less attractive, even painful because the awareness has become the start of opening their door. For some, it is the first door before they approach the main door, they like the idea of venturing outside but are hesitant to carry the same emotional burdens. This means for some, they no longer feel as though they want to be in their current situation.

We are in a period where we are very close to each other, so a partner being at home can reflect the really good or the really bad, setting off alarm bells. The good thing about this energy is the true discovery of the person are with. For some, it is love and they have found a new appreciation for their partner, so much so that they both are now excited go to a destination where together they build on their existing foundation. If it is the acknowledgement of something bad, then it only starts as bad, maybe starting with a pain that brings the truth, it brings awareness. And the opening of the first door represents being ready, in their mind, ready to think about how to detach from things that have been linked to the acceptance of certain behaviours. Not being willing to be responsive to projected negative emotions, those things that only serve to drain, to burden, to ensure life has kept us disconnected from the things we love.

It is an energy that requires to no longer be misplaced and instead channelled towards increasing one’s value and inner attractiveness. This creates a sense of discovery into self-empowerment which ignites a forward motion where they are no longer driving through a misty cloud. They are learning how to see past the cloud and envision a life that could potentially be for them, all starting from deciding not to respond to certain emotionally challenging behaviour in the present. The change in their perspective raises questions, such as “What does my emotional security mean to me? What does it look like in my life? How far am I willing to go? Do my choices or my actions support my emotional structures? For some, they are learning to gather so much strength that they support others, something they could not have imagined, but underneath, they felt it. They become mentors and councillors because they have been in that environment for so long they are experts. One day they get to the point where they realise through their healing process they developed a series of lessons to be discussed and taught once to others.

Reflecting Our Relationship With Health

Transit: Taurus Moon 4° Sextile Pisces Pluto 2°

There is a huge emphasis on our relationship with health and a large part of that is reflected in our focus on the National Health Service, and the need to support it. We now feel more of a responsibility to put care into the NHS because of the part it plays in our emotional security. We have already been reaching out with donations as we recognise the importance of those in the NHS and their frontline position. Even if previously there was less thought about their responsibilities it is now considered a priority position that needs added security, again this is a reflection of our relationship with our health. We will want to see more proactiveness from the structures that we consider to have a financial responsibility to the NHS.

Ready, Set, Go?

Transit: Mercury Aries 17° Sextile Natal Aquarius Venus 17°

Transit: Mercury Aries 17° Trine Natal Sagittarius Mercury 18°

Now enters a scenario that craves to take the spotlight and what it shines a light on depends on the mood we are in. This short period will have an expansive effect, that when used confidently and positively can bring luck. Things that we have been diligently working on with the precision of crossing out T’s and dotting our I’s can expand into opportunities. Negatively, it brings overconfidence that creates things spoken and not actioned, promises being made and not fulfilled, within us and toward us. It will reflect things relating to projects and the details in our habitual nature, so it could affect our work and studies, where on hand we feel as though like we have a good handle on things and believe more can be done. On the hand, it may feel like it too much and things getting out of portion, making us feel overwhelmed or lost. Is it there to make us aware of our limitations and capabilities, once we are at that point of interaction and recognise the feeling, good or bad, it will drive us to either seek the appropriate guidance or request further challenge. Is helping us to become more expansive in our thoughts and to recognise how to feel in regards to our sense of progression. What will the things we are doing today make our look like in five years? Are the actions we performing match the vision we see? What do we need to do to align our current actions with our vision? It makes us look at the past, present and the future, all at once. Reviewing at our past to help us to reflect the identity we walk within the present and studying at our actions today, knowing they will create tomorrow. This is our version of manifestation.

Innovative Beauty

Transit: Gemini Mercury 16° Trine Natal Sagittarius Mercury 18°8’

Transit: Gemini Mercury 16° Trine Natal Aquarius Venus 17°

Transit: Gemini Mercury 16° Opposite Natal Sagittarius Mercury 18°

Now, we are finding beauty in the action we create due to our physical limitations and inability to embrace each other. We are finding new ways to show our love for each other, how beautiful. The rise in beauty and love intertwining with our technological spaces. Initially, we used technology to help us show our identities and uniqueness, helping to discover the beauty in all. Now it is love’s turn by uniquely showing how we can embrace each other. Through apps, designed specifically to connect our experiences, our talents, our creativity, our innovation. We are the foundation on which technological generations will build on. When was the last time you had a beachwear party online? When will be the first time you see your favourite Artist playing live in your hands? When will be the next time you cook a meal with friends while remaining in your kitchen and using a service that swaps and delivers each other’s meals? What has started now is a ripple, a motion and although it has come from a hard place, we feel that we are choosing to incorporate love, we recognise we are being led by love.

Love Always - Clarissa k


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