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Not For A Season, For A Reason

We are still at the beginning of the Taurus season, and this week will be quite interesting as the things I am going to discuss are more related to the long-term aspects. Some aspects are not just for a season; they are for a reason with more years to go through, starting from the last decade and continuing their theme through now and further. These themes were introduced to shake us up so we can restructure and revise, create new ways of thinking and new pathways. Ultimately it is evolution, and I know this is strong a word to use, however, what constitutes is as evolution? It is the development of human beings, the development of our archetypes, the development of our systems, the development of our knowledge, all so we can be better for future generations. That is evolution; we just living in it. Let’s begin.

Grounded Future Thinking

Transit: Aquarius Saturn 1° Sextile Natal Libra Uranus 1°

Again, we are progressing through a period lasting for a few years, and it is a continuation. This aspect looks at a point of view which focuses on how we see ourselves and also how others perceive us. And what is great about this aspect is that it stands connected to a groundedness, essential for future-thinking ideas and innovation. We are not waving our hands in the air, saying that we have great ideas; this energy sends those ideas into a practicality where they can be carried out. It is quite exciting as there is a get-up-and-go outlook that is emphasising innovation as an essential role.

The other side to this sense of groundedness is further defining our view of security and in particular, our financial security. It speaks to us through what we consider as stability, and there is a continuity of what we already know. The things we still feel arising from the aftermath of the financial crisis that the world went through in 2008, now has a connection to then. That was a time where there were significant breakdowns in institutions, household named businesses, anything relating to structures and the things we had always known to be stable. Meanwhile, it also affected personal issues such as relationships and friendships, as some long-standing partnerships became no longer fruitful. Looking back, I went through a breakdown in a relationship at the time, wow how profound; I just connected the dots.

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The Market Of Self-Expression

Transit: Aquarius Saturn 1° Sextile Natal Libra Uranus 1°

During this period of instability combined with the need to fix everything quickly so we could get back to business, made some of the solutions created as a resolve now not be as sufficient as first thought. There is an examination of those resolves to see whether they are connected to future thinking. We can see this now, as many institutions are making strides to move towards a new way of operating, with online activity being the platform to manoeuvre. We will see which businesses recognise the conditions for advancement and whether they will be performing with the energy of necessity or opportunity.

Some have always unconsciously known change would occur; it is as if they were able to feel the impressions of what would be before they appeared, feeling comfortable, they sensed an opportunity. Some have been waiting for this time when life catches up with their mindset, they feel more understood. And these are the cycles we go through to help us to understand the role of the systems we create and recognising the reliance on durable implementations. That being said, we have come to an understanding that knows we must first find a means to survive, which is spoken through control, limitation and consideration. We are rationing our expectations of what was so we can have more energy to direct towards diligence, using patience to see the future growth from our current performances.

Although there is an air of restriction surrounding us, this is such as good time as we are reshaping our identity, crafting it beautifully so we can be at the forefront of introducing new ideas that will not only be effective here, they will be everywhere. We want to lead the market in self-expression and embracing the concept of developing and encouraging the interaction of life on another level. There is an intertwining with technology and science; however, there is also a reflection concerning our individual needs in society, which goes into the area of politics, making us aware of certain conditions. There is no longer just one line of opinions standing on one side facing the other. Some have drawn new lines creating multiple opinions equally expecting to be taken into consideration. What is needed is the continued positive outlook and belief in the idea that we have created unity and oneness in a time of separation and detachment. The environment around us can feel uncomfortable as we are living with emotions that sense containment, however, the mind wants us to use those emotions as a drive to create and innovate. Prompting us to think of the future and action what is needed to see those results in years to come. With envisioning the landscape of 10-years time, reverse engineering would show how to be driven with purpose towards our intended direction.

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Securing Our Value In Freedom

Transit: Aquarius Saturn 1° Opposition Natal Leo Jupiter 1°

I know for some, it feels like at the moment they are having a rough time, yet, we still have an instinctual feeling that is looking forward to experiencing freedom. There is nothing like feeling contained for our protection to make us feel connected to the sense of freedom. When we open our doors, and after we know it is safe, some will be running to breathe in the new air, embracing how much they feel in touch with themselves, it all becomes precious. And although the sense of restriction will not be gone entirely, we will become connected to a new sensation. We would have gained an understanding attached to a positive way of life, as now we are now valuing our environment and relationships so much more. I can completely relate to this feeling, I am quite enjoying the current sense of discovery and challenge, and I think I have had more ideas and thoughts of the future than I have in previous years.

Those who are ready to take the next step and spend more time on developing their ideas are going to be preparing to get them out there. It just means that I am going to have to get a new phone as the apps that are coming out need more respect than the space on my phone can give them. These new apps are paving the way to the point I look at them and think “What kind of mind came up with this? It is truly amazing. Furthermore, it is not just about our advancements in technology, there is filtering to everything we are connected to, such as food, our health, our relationships, our money, our attachment to the future. These ideas and concepts are already out there, requiring the opportunity to blossom. Some ideas needed an environment such as this to come active, it is the same with mindsets needing the environment to create a willingness to adapt. There is a growing understanding that somethings will remain in this time and could be considered as the final goodbye to the last decade. We see this all the time in different outlooks, in ages, different social groups and just the way we walk.

I believe I am quite lucky that I love technology; however, I also have a massive love of wellbeing, nature and the importance of having some understanding of biochemistry and metaphysics, so I can give my body quality sustenance. I can see the benefits of both technology, our connection with nature and how they both have an expectation of the future. We are going through a time where we recognise that readjusting the prioritises of our expectations is what is required from the future, giving us a sense of diligence regarding ideas and plans. Some are feeling the gift of time and will go through ideas while relating them to the structures around us. Involving everything from our relationships with finance, money, work-life, our children, our family, our health personal, and care. They are all coming into play on a collective level to have their value addressed and centred individually, making us more goal-oriented, more plan-oriented and more revenue-oriented.

Growing Our Outward Thinking

Transit: Taurus Uranus 6° Sextile Natal Libra South Node 13°

There is an awakening for some, which is connected to the availability of time and pushing inner boundaries. Again, reflected from our sense of what is stable and what creates security, making us question our material drive. We are going to be considering the things that make us feel emotionally secure, and we can feel it coming, it is a feeling that examines where our emotional security comes from and whether it is from our environment or from ourselves. Some have lived with self-esteem based on the responses of others, from the smallest context to the most significant. They could have directly related their emotional security to the expectations of the themes surrounding identity, maybe there is a family expectation, societal expectation, perhaps it is even ancestry. There is a growing need to just be whoever they want to be, and this feeling creates an attraction that opens them up to new emotions. They may have already started to delve into feelings that can only be gained in their inner space, rather than their environment.

In a commercial setting, we have already started to see the relationship with ourselves brought to the surface with the rise of marketing unconventional beauty, and there is still more to see. Really, it is just us sharing ourselves and showing all the quirks that would have led to previous insecurities. They have been brought to light to say, ‘This is me, I love me and maybe you will too”. Look at how much we love freckles now, with most of us admitting we secretly liked them, or two different coloured eyes or having piercing and tattoos. All of those things would have been met with a no no no no no, not going to work, that does not look good. Now we can see the beauty in things we considered alternative because we have been inspired to see things differently. It is not to say that it will always stay in this momentum as this is what we perceive as attractive now. Beauty is becoming more diverse compared to an archetypal point of view, it is here to grow our outward thinking. Who knows what could happen in the future’s future, where we could see another representation of beauty, completely different from now, it will be a reflection of how we feel at the time, and it will be just as impressive.

Now is showing us what we are emotionally connected to and we are all sharing to bring them out, things that were kept hidden because it created unconscious insecurities, are being brought the table to be addressed and become part of conscious acceptance. The table is slowly turning to allow us the opportunity to test our emotional responses. The only issue is our belief of having control over our emotions, the emotions always want more. Once the door is opened, everything else will run out giving way to what is considered ultra alternative possibly becoming mainstream, then there are the taboos and sexual preferences, as they are also related to attraction. It comes through to adjust our emotional boundaries and to understand where our level of acceptance or filters are. In our environment, these things just seem like issues of our times; however, this is part of our collective growth. Just like 100 years ago in the 1920s when there was a liberation for women as a response to the previous constraints of the first world war. Those prior constraints also created a known underground hedonistic lifestyle which signified the box being opened, creating a sexual liberation that contributed to future mindsets and lifestyles.

On the whole, I think it is useful as our sexual attractions are an area of life where we have issues addressing. We have yet to understand some sexual and even relationship preferences because they are met with an emotionally reactive response. Although some preferences may sit very far from what is considered conventional, it still does not change that they exist, so they may eventually demand a space on the table.

Becoming Aware Of The Blur

Transit: Pisces Neptune 20° Sextile Natal Sagittarius Mercury 17°

I like to create the whole picture as it helps to introduce the realistic view of things, which is actually quite contradictory as this is the part discussing the unrealistic side of life, relating to our mental stability. There is the ability to approach subjects from an impractical point of view which supports the conversations about the environment we are going through. There are feelings of needing to find answers in solitude, and some love the idea of being in a self-contained and comfortable environment, feeling as though it helps their soul. It is easier to let the internal view of the outside world become seen as part of an abstract change creating a detachment from the whole. The thoughts of others could become marginalised, which only attracts interactions that reaffirm the narrative, having a real effect on the mind. Going further into the mind without direction feels like grabbing hold of a rope and allowing a pull to an unknowing. There has to be an awareness of this as it is easily dismissed as something happening right now, seen in conversations, where there are vast differences in thoughts that point to a lifestyle becoming less positive for themselves, and those around them. It can reflect into relationships, especially where there has been an underlying issue, and the thoughts about our environment are used a lightening rode of expression in black and white, with little or no compromise. Those around them maybe just put it down to a passing moment which will reverse with the return of normality. However, this period is a continuation that shows in different circumstances as it has is a generational effect for some, here to create awareness of mental challenges, understanding different degrees of delving into the mind, and why the is mind processing our current environment in the way it does. Awareness may be just a conversation about structures and reforming areas that need an expansion of mental health diagnoses. Again, this goes back to our relationship with health and how it reflects into the structures that we consider stable.

Our Relationship With Us

Transit: Pisces Neptune 20° Sextile Natal Libra Uranus 1°

I believe that we are becoming more spiritual. I know the word spiritual sometimes does not stretch to various beliefs and can sometimes be quite small with what it is trying to represent. We are all individuals, so even if we have the same beliefs, we still believe differently. I just feel the sense of the word is growing within us, the more mature we become, the more we examine the world around us. We are connecting more with the environment and with the need to have absolute love in our lives, growing more compassionate to what we hold to be important, and this has a trickling effect into everything else. We are looking at our relationships and internally addressing the things that do not create the feeling we want to live in. We are gaining a great understanding of how the relationship with our emotions reflect and emits, directly impacting areas of our lives. And we are looking at the ambition of our personal and spiritual development, so it is an excellent time to connect with others which creates profound relationships. Distancing from the superficial and wanting to be surrounded by friends we feel are here, together with us, shaping life with similar beliefs and operating with a similar walk in life. We are desiring relationships were it helps to be more connected with ourselves and the thought of being our best version so we can be the best for another. We want to experience an emotional development that translates positive feelings into our daily walk and communication with others.

When we wake up angry, the impression of anger will have an effect our the day, however, when we wake up with a positively affirming mindset, the day response differently. It is not to say the day will be completely chilled, it just means that our reaction to incidences will be different, making situations have an alternative outcome. We may not be able to change the interactions directed towards us; however, the one thing we are truly connected to yourselves and who we are in every situation will be reflective on how we feel. This is a perfect time to view where we want to see ourselves and what is at the root of our emotional foundation. We are trying to maintain a realistic point of view about things and developing a consistency or whether we believe change can happen overnight. Even further, relating to our diet and the reflection of our relationship with food connecting with our emotions, as we understand the way we feel starts with gut health. If we had constant pain in our shoulder even with pain relief taken, the constant pain would affect everything we did, even in our conversations, leaving us weak by the end of each day. In the same respect, how we react to our day when our stomach is full and satisfied is going to completely contrast to when we are famished. Food affects our mood, and when it comes to the quality of our food, it goes even further.

Thank you so much for your time, and if it connects with you, please share. You can also become a supporter of the channel here, there will be lots of treats you coming. Thanks again.

Love Always - Clarissa k

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