Hello and welcome to another episode of Clarissa K Explains It All. Thank you so much for sharing this space with me, where we have the opportunity to share some time with each other.

I am going to be discussing the forthcoming season of Cancer, starting from the 22nd of June, first looking at the journey of the Sun as it transits through the season. Reflecting on relationships to on us, I feel so connected with Cancerians as it feels like every other one of my relatives is a Canercian. And being a Capricorn, there is a connection involving opposites that can work really harmoniously, when in balance. Cancerians and Cancerian Moons have always played essential roles in my life, speaking to matters of the heart, and I have experienced first hand their gift and ability to feel and interpret the emotions that are around them. They can delve into any emotion and project how it feels onto others in the exploration of the reaction. Let’s begin.

Air Of Anticipation

Transit: Cancer Sun 1° Square Libra Uranus 1° - 3rd House

We start the season quite dynamically as there is an air of anticipation surrounding the rapid changes that were going through. The pace of 2020 keeps changing, and most of our lives have experienced the electric feeling of those changes, creating sparks that urge a need for change. In this air of uncertainty and the ever-changing environment, it can be difficult for us to see which steps are going forward, as we feel no real decisive decisions are being made. It also ties into a need for open-mindedness as the electric air of uncertainty is creating radical dynamics, charging ideas forward, highlighting that the way we can see life clashes with our want to feel free to drive our way into the future. 

The other said of this is that the ideas of the moment may not be presented realistically, so they are met with unexpected consequences. Ideas need to be presented in a way that helps to look at things through the feelings they create. As what can be presented as force, can have the feeling of chaos without creating answers, as answers want to be handled in a way that speaks to the relationships we have with each other. Regardless, the intention of attention does build self-esteem, which gains further strength when met with an opposing version. It helps us to stand in our beliefs and in the things that we see for the future, the way we want things to be, and the relationships we want to have.

An Introduction To Understanding

Transit: Cancer Sun 1° Trine Pisces Pluto 2° - 3rd House

In relationships with opposing ideas, even if they are with good intention, can expect unexpected things to happen, with emotions desiring to be rooted up from underneath. This creates a stimulation that shakes the ground, connecting to emotions we have felt before, however, it does not feel as hard as it previously did. It is related to things we want as part of our identity, the things that we want to introduce into our lives, the smaller transformations that show our own personal power. In relationships involving the concept of superiority, the heart is trying to gain understanding, questioning the archetypes of organisations, companies, and what we consider as the structures navigating in our environment. The emphasis is both our professional life and personal life, desiring manifestation, a new project could be a groundbreaking idea, as we are now connected enough to encourage what is emerging to be met with an introduction to understanding.

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Appreciation Of Mother

Transit: Cancer Sun 8° Opposition Capricorn MC 9° - 3rd House

Transit: Cancer Sun 9° Opposition Capricorn Sun 10° - 3rd House

What I love about Cancer season is that it always takes us back to family, children and our mother (Love you Mummy, and of course Dad too – mine are both Cancerians, yes, I know lol). We are always filled with emotional intensity for things we care about, and this season definitely highlights our connection with Mothers, Mother figures, and our relationship with motherhood. We may experience the need for closeness, to be held, to be pampered in the way we feel mothers would, it is nurturing that is longed for. It is the contrast to the isolation we have felt for months, and although we thought we coped with social separation well, we could have found that the loss of bonds and feelings of restraint has created mental exhaustion, making life feel like it is coming from all directions. 

We could be presented with circumstances that have a continual frustration, presented in ways to make us react, placing pressure on plans that could unravel seemingly too easily. It could be something that feels like unexpected resistance when it really speaks to overassessing why we think life is not as fruitful. Enduring the same patterns of life may have become tiring, creating an overly assertive point of view which is causing further anxiety. An acknowledgement of efforts would provide satisfaction, and a boost in motivation as the ego side of life is not being addressed. The routines in place have reduced the ways we can be appreciated, and it can feel like obstacles are affecting our abilities, some are making how they feel known.

The Rise of Sexual Desire

Transit: Cancer Sun 10° Sextile Taurus Mars 11° - 3rd House

This season may feel sexier, again it is part of the aspects of us that want to detach and do not wish to wait, some of us want to feel sexually desired, as it raises confidence. Some may have been using this time to work on themselves, finding their own ways to feel desired, so there could be lots of connections leading to physicality. And with the need to be physically active rising, and I can understand this energy completely, I cannot wait for the gyms to open again so I can feel some acceleration. Erm, what did you think I was going to say? Haha. I am so excited, it is going to be an excellent return, I love the atmosphere, the socialising, the music, the space to work out, and I am the one that is in front the mirrors with my the headphones on, dancing, it is my little pre-work up. I have read in some articles that reopening may happen from July, hmmm, that is around the corner, with feelings still heightened, I wonder.

Elements Of Manipulation

Transit: Cancer Sun 11° Square Libra South Node 13° - 4th House

Transit: Cancer Sun 11° Square Aries North Node 13° - 4th House

I like to explore the full spectrum of how an aspect can reflect into our lives, and yes, I love to talk about the pretty things; however, the nitty-gritty still has its part to play. This will not be a paragraph explaining how we will be running through the meadows picking daisies, as some of us are becoming aware of a situation surrounding them that evolves an element of manipulation. It is shown through actions displaying competitiveness, feeling based on karma, something that has been attached to their lives for a long time. Many of us are assessing what went wrong long ago and how those things affect the ability to move towards the future. History helps us to identify with who are in the present, we would not know we are without the associations we carry, however, we are allowed to move on. We are always in search of ourselves, this means readdressing past situations, especially where they felt constrained, gaining more clarity about what they experienced, so a new feeling is associated to that version of the past. Lightbulbs are switching on, which is really good; however, the changes they are creating are seen by the past.

In the assessing of relationships involving past and present, there is enlightenment. Relating to representations of the past, light is emulated on intention, highlighting their sense of perceived influence over you. The realisation focuses on their current intent to remain in this dynamic for as long as possible. The past may be equally becoming aware of the challenges faced in retaining control and may create situations involving limitation, and if it is a person, then also with manipulation. If this connects to you more than you thought it would, then these words for you, please understand that this is not just a battle of wills and emotions experienced in the now. It represents the challenge faced when breaking the bonds of karma and our relationship with our soul’s journey. It cannot be something that you watch play out, it has to be an interactive experience involving working hard to change the way it has always felt. This is about how we feel within connecting with the relationships we gave our emotions to, it highlights an experience that could take years to heal and become part of a new foundation, it is entirely transformative. 

When you get to the other side, you will feel the emotion of no more prolonged limitation, introducing new representations of how you feel. In relationships that characterised limitation and constraints, we realise how human we are, interacting with the things we cannot see while remaining held to our emotional beliefs, reflected in our lives through people and situations. Sometimes we are so deeply emotionally connected, we truly do not associate ourselves with the ability to have any control of a circumstance we face in our environment. I do like it, as it is about making any changes, however, if there is a nonchalant disposition interacting with how it feels, the opportunity to give snippets of the feeling of limitlessness will pass. Can you imagine feeling unbound to the emotions that have held life for so long? Wings come to mind. Honey, I want you to know that you are capable and I want you to win.

Emulating Feeling Of Imagination

Transit: Cancer Sun 17° Trine Scorpio Neptune 18° - 4th House

The emulating feeling of imagination has returned and is connected to spirituality and emotions, the things we can only gain from within. I love this sensation as I am so connected to the concept of creation, our imagination may be thinking about ideas that we want to get out into our world. Some might even discover that they are connecting more to belief, this has many avenues, where some will look further into their religious beliefs, some further into their spiritual beliefs. There may be a want to extend our knowledge in those areas, helping to express the inner version of ourselves. This feeling may highlight a disdain for the things we consider attached to superficiality, wanting to be less connected to representations of this. The more we connect with what feels true to who we are, the more we realise how easy flowing our emotions can feel, and it really does not have to feel so hard. We may feel connected to seeking out conversations with like-minded individuals that are lead by the concept of the higher mind.

The Pattern Of Anxiety

Transit: Cancer Sun 23° Square Aries Ascendant 25° - 4th House

With the movement towards reconnecting with each other, we are rejuvenating relationships. We do still have to remain careful about our sensitivity towards each other as we have consciously and unconsciously created levels of control in our personal space. This is reflected in different areas of our lives, and has been further reinforced by society opinion and politics, bolstering our concepts of security. When we come into close contact with each other, it can initially create a shake in our bubble and the things we have controlled, making interacting feel a little uncomfortable, no matter how much we have desired it. It can be first seen as standoffish or uncertainty, and in some cases, they may feel the need to remain authoritative, unconsciously projecting dominance in the lives of others as they view their motives as care and concern. It has a lot to do with the pattern of anxiety over our environment, the control needed to feel safe, mixed with a desire to feel free. This has created the want to rush into some situations while still be held by the need to feel secure, not realising; we all have different levels of what security means to us individually. One person may be thinking, let’s go for it, while the other is thinking, we have plenty of time. We almost have to emotionally re-learn how to consider and have the empathy to situations presented at that moment, detaching from our collectively shared experience enough to compromise.

Heightened Feminine Energy

Transit: Cancer Sun 26° Conjunction Cancer Moon 25° - 4th House

I cannot discuss the cancer season without mentioning food lol, Cancerians love food, especially when it is cooked and prepared with Mama’s love. Even our cooking experience reflects our relationship with our Mothers, and the feelings we experienced this season will surround our home and our family. Again, feeling connected to our motherly figures, which will extend to the relationship with we have with our own femininity. The feminine energy will be surrounding us greatly, making us nurture and need nurture, heightening our sensitivity, desires for creativity, and the feeling of emotional comfort in life may grow. Our home matters, the future of family matters, and our heart desires all that love and adoration have to offer, some will be showing how strongly they need it.

Thank you so much for joining me in this space, it has a pleasure to connect with you, and I hope that you will come and revisit me soon. If you love our connection, please share in the places where you care. See you soon.

Love Always Clarissa K

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As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns that exist in the spaces around us, which led me to astrology. My interest became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com

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