The Subtle Changes In Our Belief
Uranus in Retrograde 2020

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What Is Uranus In Astrology?

Uranus in astrology represents the unbinding of old structures, beliefs and actions, highlighting how the concept of power is reflected in our lives. It is generational, so we experience it together, and is explored through the filters of our belief. Uranus in mythology represents the story of rebellion through action, which the intention is to grow in life, reflected in the story of Uranus. Uranus did not want to allow his children to grow and flourish from the womb of Earth, as he did not see them as equal to himself, ending their lives to stop the prophesying of being overthrown by his child. His actions lead to his eventual castration by Cronus (Saturn/Geb) which, when discarded, created his most precious offspring, the magnification of love and beauty, Aphrodite (Hathor/Isis/Venus). Creating a new metaphysical dynamic with spiritual nurture, healing, pleasure, intimacy, harmony, sensitivity and empathy.

What Does Uranus Mean In A Birth Chart?

The Uranus in Taurus can see changes in belief regarding value, money, beauty, sensuality and food, a process of change, a readjustment to further deepen what has been an introduction of change, creating the foundation for future structures. Unexpected value, and unexpected riches, things that would normally appear over a long period of time could suddenly appear. An example of this is the rise in unconventional beauty where we are seeing further appreciation for what is considered unique beauty, when it is really reflection of what society really looks like. Another example is the changes in the stock market and certain companies gaining unexpected value over others as our emotional needs and the things that help us to feel comfortable change. Also, our interaction with technology and seeing the value it has in our lives, becoming more interactive with what create feelings for us through technological solutions.

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What Does Taurus in Uranus Retrograde Mean?

Uranus spends about five months in retrograde to create a huge sense of reflection throughout those times of the year. For us, in the UK, our Uranus reflection is for changes that happened from April 16 2020 to August 17 2020. During this time, we are asked to reevaluate the unexpected changes that happened in our lives and as a collective. Are those changes, patterns? Do they repeat themselves as emotional cycles creating the same actions? Why are we being directed to looks at the issues? How did those changes impact our lives, our identity and society? Our relationship with authority and the relationship with the systems that there to give us security. These relationships are both external and internal, highlighting what our sense of limitation and our sense of ego, is and how does it affect our identity. Is our past choke holding the future or allowing the buds to flourish, wherein our lives and as a collective do will see this operating? Uranus unexpectedly changes belief with a sense of powerful awakening during the Uranus retrograde, we get the opportunity to really understand and acknowledge what those new beliefs mean to our future and our identity. , how it has made us, compared to who we were. How it has impacted our sense of identity and how we compare our identity and status to others.

Progressive Thinking and Progressive Moment Becomes Grounded

August 15 2020 to Wednesday December 13 2020

Uranus in Taurus 10° Trine Midheaven in Capricorn 9° – 10th House

In this time, it may feel as though progressive thinking and progressive moment is being held back, a space of limitation been created. However, it is positive; as we have been in the energy of progressively making and taking steps for a while, so it can take time to adjust and appreciate the value of now and what has changed. Movement in our belief does not erupt with the same explosive charge as it did before the retrograde, and the impact will not be felt in the same way. Progressive thinking must to first review the nature of those associated with the exploitative ways of thinking. In these moments, it seems progressive thinking will not be able to grow with a dark side vibrating through materialism and envy. The question of integrity can overshadow intention. This is why, at this time, it is better to work on progressive ideas quietly, remaining diligent and focused on the goal rather than any gratification. Any gratification gained during this time will be smaller themes that will make up a complete portrait later. This energy is asking for grounding otherwise effort to make life changes will look and feel like radicalisation without meaning. There is a moment for everything, the moment when light is shone on whatever is the central theme, the table has to be strong enough to hold the weight of the topic with and reasoning and rational. If you feel you are working with the resonance of this energy, you will know as you will also feel it in the unconscious thoughts of others. They will feel as though your mindset and process in activities is not made on a straight line, leading to a level axis. However, this misinterpretation it is supposed to be, this way of navigating through life and the dance created with the exploration of alternative energetic systems will create questions of how. Working in this way will see the reward of forwarding movement from mid-January 2021 onwards.  

This month, some will be looking at the others who have attained wealth or things they view as emotional wealth, with a critical eye. Asking their own questions with assumptions and reviewing the answers with detail. It is a conscious conversation regarding greed and the need to use wealth in an attempt to control the emotions of others, especially those who they recognise the value. It relates to the way they view they see them themselves and the belief in their identity, relating to their world, questioning the intention of their comparison: Courageous or materialist? Trustworthiness or self-gratifying? Exploitation or expansion? Are their actions based on material wealth or emotional wealth, as the polarity of this relationship creates two different polarities of karma.

Reflection Regarding Assertiveness

August 15 2020 to October 26 2020

Uranus in Taurus 10° Conjunction Mars in Taurus 11° – 1st House

The reflection is regarding our assertiveness. Our actions have been based on value; however, the Uranus retrograde asks us to recognise whether those actions regarding value are based on bettering humanity or whether they are for self-gain and ultimately, the ego desires. And humanity could simply be towards loved-one or a large group of thought consciousness. The acknowledging whether we are driven with a mindset that wants control and limitation or whether it is a liberator, encouraging a flourishing or the future. If it is the former, during these next few months, we will be placed in reflective actions that will make us faces the choices we made. If it is the latter, actions will reflect a desire to move into that direction, creating a space where a similar mindset can join in the pursuit of passion. Both will gain awakening changing after the retrograde transit, meaning depending on the path, the will be a sudden loss or a sudden gain to create energetic equilibrium. To check what is the area of life this will be happening for you, you can check your birth chart and see where the Mars symbol sits in your chart.

The Meaning Of Each House In A Birth Chart

1st House – Identity, physical presence, interaction with our environment.

2nd House – Money, value and self-worth

3rd House – Short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family

4th House – Our home, our sense of stability, our Mother and our Mothers karma, our relationship emotional intuitiveness.

5th House – Creativity, joy and children

6th House – Work-life, habits and health

7th House – Our belief and reflections in Relationships 

8th House – The things we gain and the things we lose in life through our karma and the karma of others, our relationship with the things we cannot see, our psychic abilities

9th House – Our beliefs, education, spiritual and long-distance travel, where we gain enlightenment.

10th House – Our status, our career, our physical structures and relationship with our Father

11th House – Our relationship with friends and peers, our cause in society

12th House – Our heightened mind and psychic abilities, our subconscious structures, our hidden fears, our hidden memories and generational karma.

In these areas of life will have to questions where we have been over-energetic with impatient, and the polarity, where we have been fighting the process of change. Some may feel more connected to their intuitiveness, higher-mind abilities and may also highlight some anxieties regarding things that have not been verbally spoken about.

Grounded Sense Of Stability,

August 15, 2020, to November 25, 2020

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 10° Trine Sun in Capricorn 10° – 10th House

We have to ensure that ideas that are presented to us are grounded in the sense of stability and not just the flightly mindset of those who value gain being connected with you. Things gained through these means will not last long as they did not come with a sense of long term stability and were not created with a solid foundation. Ensure that plans are foundational and created with expertise, evening education. Mentorships and group learning is great as there is a sense of learning from both the experience of how success came to be by the interactions made through life and also the relatable current experience of peers ain enrichening and with be built in a foundation that will create karma connections for the future.

It may feel too easy to lose focus and concentration during this transit; however, it is a perfect time to allow to introduce a routine that thinks about years ahead. Short time thinking maybe overshadowed by the needs of the relationships that will remain with us for years, perhaps even our whole lifetime. This could be our karma relationships with our family, love and friendship relationships that require closure, the voice our identity has with society and the steps we took during our career. This is the perfect time to mend, heal and change the revolving cycles. It is a good time to ask ourselves when the energy of these karmic relationships is gone, what legacy will remain? What will our personal and societal history write about us?

Love Always, Clarissa K
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