Hypnotherapy is arguably one of the fastest and permanent therapies to finally reprogram the subconscious and avoid having to face your anxiety, fears, stress, trauma, and addictions over and over again.

Meet Clarissa Reneé DHP Acc. Hyp, Certified & Accredited Coach & Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker, Author. She became a student of the Law of Attraction/the universal energies seven years ago, which led her to become a Life Coach. Clarissa Renee has a fascination with the study of metaphysics, quantum physics, and the behaviour of the human mind.

What Has Driven You?

The thirst for knowledge, healing and enlightenment. And using it to affect changes and shifts in the body and mind of my clients, myself and my loved ones.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson From 2020 For 2021?

Trust my inner guidance system, have a daily spiritual practice and be more present in the now.

What Solution Do You Offer?

I accelerate shifts in the subconscious mind, your magnetic field of healing a painful past & magnetising a beautiful future.

How Effective Can This Solution Be For Others?

Powerfully transformative. Your life can change with one audio, session or coaching package.

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What Hurdles Have You Overcome In Your Life That Stand Out?

I experienced trauma relating to displacement during childhood, Alopecia Totalis since the age of 2 years old, bullying, and abuse. As an adult, I experienced trauma relating to homelessness, multiple miscarriages, social anxiety, depression, racism and a narcissistic relationship.

Is there anything that you would like to add? 

If there were one thing I would like people to know, we are all constantly transforming, unfolding & shedding because we are limitless potential. In other words, there is no known limit to what we can achieve in this reality. When we can adjust our perspective and believe this, our life can change overnight. I have witnessed it so many times; it is a beautiful thing.

How Can People Contact You?

Email: clarissareneecoaches@outlook.com

Website: www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clarissacoaches


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Tell Us More About The Personalised Hypnotherapy Audio

You are going to love this technique, which can be used as often as desired. Over time, your perception of what you believe to be possible for you WILL expand, shift and change, and this is where the true magic will start to happen! Your subconscious mind is simultaneously programmed to accept each new shift. Working at this level of the mind will activate the ‘Outer Consciousness’, aka, your intuition/ psychic ability/ ESP. A new, expanded version of yourself into being, the power of synchronicities, coincidences, dreams, people & opportunities.  

I am living proof that this works!

There is an amazing amount of research and proof around the subject of the ‘Outer Consciousness’ and how our intuition can be HARNESSED to magnetise ANYTHING!

Personalised Hypnotherapy Audio – Includes a free consultation with me. Yours to download, keep and experience powerful and rapid transformation with. Hypnotherapy is arguably one of the fastest and permanent therapies to finally reprogram the subconscious and avoid having to face your anxiety, fears, stress, trauma, and addictions over and over again. 

Book yours here: https://www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk/book-buy/p/personalised-hypnosis-audio

Intensive 1 – 1 Hypnotherapy Bundle – Schedule an initial free ‘Pre – Talk’ session, followed by a short suggestibility test. We will discuss your problem at length during our pre-talk, and I will explain more about hypnotherapy, addressing any nerves you may have. 

Book here: https://www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk/book-buy/p/hypnotherapy-session-bundle

Client Magnetism Program – Magnetise paying clients to you, eliminate the fear of selling, being seen & crafting offers with scientific-based, subconscious techniques and Mind Language. Even if you have ZERO following, email list, website, or funnel, I show you how this is TOTALLY possible because I did it!! Watch my video breaking it all down for you. Watch until the end to hear about my guarantee if you do not triple your investment within a year here:

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