A Chat With Friends: Clarissa Renee – Coach & Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is arguably one of the fastest and permanent therapies to finally reprogram the subconscious and avoid having to face your anxiety, fears, stress, trauma, and addictions over and over again.

Meet Clarissa Reneé DHP Acc. Hyp, Certified & Accredited Coach & Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker, Author. She became a student of the Law of Attraction/the universal energies seven years ago, which led her to become a Life Coach. Clarissa Renee has a fascination with the study of metaphysics, quantum physics, and the behaviour of the human mind.

What Has Driven You?

The thirst for knowledge, healing and enlightenment. And using it to affect changes and shifts in the body and mind of my clients, myself and my loved ones.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson From 2020 For 2021?

Trust my inner guidance system, have a daily spiritual practice and be more present in the now.

What Solution Do You Offer?

I accelerate shifts in the subconscious mind, your magnetic field of healing a painful past & magnetising a beautiful future.

How Effective Can This Solution Be For Others?

Powerfully transformative. Your life can change with one audio, session or coaching package.

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What Hurdles Have You Overcome In Your Life That Stand Out?

I experienced trauma relating to displacement during childhood, Alopecia Totalis since the age of 2 years old, bullying, and abuse. As an adult, I experienced trauma relating to homelessness, multiple miscarriages, social anxiety, depression, racism and a narcissistic relationship.

Is there anything that you would like to add? 

If there were one thing I would like people to know, we are all constantly transforming, unfolding & shedding because we are limitless potential. In other words, there is no known limit to what we can achieve in this reality. When we can adjust our perspective and believe this, our life can change overnight. I have witnessed it so many times; it is a beautiful thing.

How Can People Contact You?

Email: clarissareneecoaches@outlook.com

Website: www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clarissacoaches


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Tell Us More About The Personalised Hypnotherapy Audio

You are going to love this technique, which can be used as often as desired. Over time, your perception of what you believe to be possible for you WILL expand, shift and change, and this is where the true magic will start to happen! Your subconscious mind is simultaneously programmed to accept each new shift. Working at this level of the mind will activate the ‘Outer Consciousness’, aka, your intuition/ psychic ability/ ESP. A new, expanded version of yourself into being, the power of synchronicities, coincidences, dreams, people & opportunities.  

I am living proof that this works!

There is an amazing amount of research and proof around the subject of the ‘Outer Consciousness’ and how our intuition can be HARNESSED to magnetise ANYTHING!

Personalised Hypnotherapy Audio – Includes a free consultation with me. Yours to download, keep and experience powerful and rapid transformation with. Hypnotherapy is arguably one of the fastest and permanent therapies to finally reprogram the subconscious and avoid having to face your anxiety, fears, stress, trauma, and addictions over and over again. 

Book yours here: https://www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk/book-buy/p/personalised-hypnosis-audio

Intensive 1 – 1 Hypnotherapy Bundle – Schedule an initial free ‘Pre – Talk’ session, followed by a short suggestibility test. We will discuss your problem at length during our pre-talk, and I will explain more about hypnotherapy, addressing any nerves you may have. 

Book here: https://www.clarissareneecoaches.co.uk/book-buy/p/hypnotherapy-session-bundle

Client Magnetism Program – Magnetise paying clients to you, eliminate the fear of selling, being seen & crafting offers with scientific-based, subconscious techniques and Mind Language. Even if you have ZERO following, email list, website, or funnel, I show you how this is TOTALLY possible because I did it!! Watch my video breaking it all down for you. Watch until the end to hear about my guarantee if you do not triple your investment within a year here:

A Chat With Friends: Kristen Cunliffe

Meet Kristen Cunliffe, a Financial Advisor who fell in love with her profession. Kristen is a believer of goal setting and helping peoples future plans become their present. In this episode, we discuss the power of money in relationships and freedom, financial intelligence, and bravely overcoming challenges, including alcoholism.

Why Is Goal Setting So Important?

We often wonder what the point of having or setting a goal is, and we can often find ourselves too busy to think about setting long-term or even short-term goals. Most of the time, we are content with having a goal of getting through the day without too much stress. However, setting a goal can play an essential role in our lives. Especially if we desire to reach for something that feels fulfilling in our life, an intention can stir up the decisiveness needed to perform the tasks.

Kristens’ Story

Meet Kristen Cunliffe, a Financial Adviser who began her financial services career by chance back in 1998. She joined a financial services practice as an Office Administrator and fell in love with the profession. The idea of helping peoples plans became a big passion of hers, and she set about gaining the qualifications. Ten years ago, she then decided that she wanted to be the master of her own destiny and launched Red Star Wealth Management.

She is also the author of Easy Money, an educational book giving bite-size insights into finance. The idea for her book came about five years ago and has grown into a second business. Kristen loves educating people on finance and empowering them to take control of their money and future plans.

What Has Driven You?

I have a passion for helping people – I am such a people person and truly love to give support.

What Has Been Your Biggest Lesson From 2020 for 2021?

The tough decisions are yours to take, especially when you are the boss, and that inner peace is actually the most important thing

What Solution Does Red Star Wealth Management Offer?

Empowerment, confidence, understanding and a process of building financial resilience.

How Effective Can This Solution Be For Others?

Life-changing. So much of what we do in life involves money at some point.

What Hurdles Have You Overcome In Your Life That Stand Out?

There is not enough room for that answer. I do not like to beat that drum, but if I listed it all, it would not sound real.

To hear Kristens’ story, listen to her episode at Clarissa K Explains It All Podcast.

Kristen Cunliffe At Red Star Wealth Management, In Her Own Words

I was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, where I still have my office, I am married to Nick, and we live now in Lytham St Annes. Our daughter Izzy has recently moved out and is about to open her shop Pot Bound in St Annes town centre. She is an artist, and this was her life venture instead of going off to university.

I have been a qualified independent financial adviser since 2001 and opened my business Red Star Wealth in 2011. Being independent is really important to me and my business ethos. It means that the solutions I offer are truly in the best interests of my clients and not services that have been selected by a third party for reasons other than client need. Large scale financial advice companies can be prescriptive on what their advisers should recommend. I do not follow that type of model; instead, when clients seek my advice, that is exactly what they get, my experience, my expertise and a solution genuinely tailored for them. I believe that means my clients experience much more personal service.

My husband and I are also both higher education tutors and provide financial workshops across the UK, so I have a lot of experience helping people understand financial concepts and how they impact life.

I am a passionate advocate of financial intelligence for all people, especially women who can be particularly vulnerable to the gender financial gap. I have researched and found various organisations in this area need to provide holistic financial support for women of all ages and experience to better manage their finances, set financial goals and be more financially resilient. 

I am someone who has had real-life experience and can empathise with most of the vulnerable situations such as domestic abuse, financial abuse & control, debt, addiction and most importantly, recovery. I am most certainly not from an ivory tower, and I believe this has helped me truly understand the women I work with. I know how positive financial experience can translate into knowledge and improve many other areas of our lives.

How To Contact Kristen

Financial Services:

Red Star Wealth Website, Email, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram , Linkedin

Educational Services:

Website, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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Personal Goal Setting

Once we understand the quality of the word goal and the power of the word can awaken within us. We can then become better at understanding how it can be used as a tool to make changes.

The 16th century meaning for the word goal has a variant of original meanings ranging from “endpoint of a race,” “away, course,” “object of an effort”. Our modern interpretations are that a goal is a target, a purpose, an objective, an intention, all with a finish.

This would imply that we have always had a need to reach forward within the pages of history. History has shown us that our will within strives for us to grow and push through our own personal boundaries to better our human experience.

What Is Goal Setting?

The word goal also has two associations, the mental goal, a process of thought that leads to our own feeling of wellbeing. The second association is a physical goal, the process of endurance that pushes our body to become more developed. We look at athletes and sportspeople with awe because we understand the strategy, discipline, and knowledge they have to achieve.

How To Align Your Environment With Your Goals

A goal is an intention set from a desire to reach from one point to another. As a feeling, it is to move from the uncomfortable to the comfortable with the intention of reaching forward. It is not just wandering into the unknown; it is about gaining knowledge and combining what was learnt with action. By making a conscious decision to become committed, we start to understand how the wheels of motion will turn. However, this does not mean that every action is correct or every piece of knowledge is accurate; it means that what works for us will stay and grow in our understanding. As our knowledge increases, so does the refinery in our routine, we become masters of our senses, and our experiences become the stepping stones of wisdom.

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How To Set A Goal

To set a goal, we must first make the decision to set a goal. If we ask ourselves to look at the five-year reflection of all the decisions we make today, we could start to see where life could potentially take us. If we questioned how we felt about those reflections, it might make a few shifts in our thought processes. We could start to focus on the feeling of those reflections; an improved intention can arise with an understanding of why. The why comes from the feeling of drive, and the intention comes out of the desire to change.

To make changes, desire has to be channelled into action; this is where time management is introduced. Time creates our structure; it is all the things we measure to validate our intentions and creates efficiency. If we decided that we would want to reach a specific goal within five years, it could create the first planning level. This could then be broken down into more manageable goal periods. For example, reaching a point at the end of each year can be further broken down to reach month-to-month goals and even day to day targets. The idea is for the process of the goal to become a habit, and a regular process with commitment evolves with the knowledge gained to create the next action.

Planning To Live Your Life Your Way

If our goal was to build a house, what would be the reason? The feeling of achievement and ownership? A piece of the world that we could leave as our legacy? For the challenge of taking on such a project? Or because of the discipline, skill, creativity, and craftsmanship gained to achieve it? Yes, maybe all of those reasons; however, it would not be just building a house; it would be the process of becoming a master of discipline. To be able to introduce a pattern that evolves and leads to a higher degree of learning, implementation of skill and the ability to commit to the process regardless of the variables of life. It makes us realise that we are a reflection of our efforts. So are we happy with now? Are there things we want in the future? If there are, how much discipline and self-management are we willing to apply to our thought process to make changes. Are we prepared to become a master of our thoughts and an achiever of our efforts?

Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Goals create value for the decisions we make and place a personal authority in our lives. When we wake up with a planned intention, a course of action and a thought-out process, it can motivate our passion for creating our future.

There is power in the belief in a goal. If belief starts with a desire, an idea, a thought, a dream or a premonition, then it is possible to apply that belief in something that motivates us towards reaching a goal. If it was not possible, why would the thought even enter into our minds in the first place? Simply because it is possible and our confidence to believe it can be possible will spark the internal ignition of progress.

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A Chat With Friends: Jules Pierre

Friendship is the result of how we feel when we care about the relationship between ourselves and another person. That relationship is bound by a level of trust and loyalty, a comfortable mutual feeling which helps us to share the intimacy of our thoughts and feelings often regarding everything in life

Jules Pierre and I met through our mutual interest and understanding of Astrology. We discovered we share similar values, and through the similarities within our birth charts we easily created a connection of friendship. Since then we have chatted like we are old friends, while over time, our friendship grows stronger with mutual respect. Jules Pierre is a multi-talented woman who sees the world as a playground of exploration through information. She is a classically trained Pianist, a Fashion Designer, an Astrologer and she is a Mother. She is very deep thinking and open, which is why our podcast conversation goes into depth. We speak on subjects ranging from career, motherhood, femininity, childhood, race and societal healing. It makes for a very interesting listen that connects with everybody through its relatability. The hope is to serve as a moment of self reflection, embracing healing, and future thinking, all connected through words of friendship.

If you would like to experience more from Jules Pierre, you can connect with her on Instagram

For those with an interest in Astrology, join our Facebook group, Astro Community where you can connect with us for deeper conversations about life.

For those with an interest in Astrology, natal charts, zodiac signs, decans and more.

What Is Friendship?

Friendship results from how we feel when we care about the relationship between ourselves and another person. That relationship is bound by a level of trust and loyalty. This comfortable mutual feeling helps us to share the intimacy of our thoughts and feelings often regarding everything in life. Friendship can be said to have originated from our survival instincts, working strategically as a community, ensuring there is again for all. Now, we use our instincts to help each other gain an emotional balance for the things we view as problems or for gratification in things we view as successes.

Why Good Friends Are So Important

Our friendships are important as they reflect our own sense of value; essentially, how we view ourselves is reflected in the eyes of our friendships. Our friendships help us to feel supported, understood and make us stand strong in our beliefs and shared values. Even as children, we can think of examples of developing our social skills to attract friendships. The playground was the hub of where our friendships were determined and why they were important. It was fun to share in group activities where you could tell a friend why yellow was our favourite colour or why the newest toy was the best toy to have. We would share that belief so strongly that we would explain to our parents why we needed that new toy in our life when we got home. We would be so convinced that our parents would understand the social relevance it had to us and what that mutual understanding would mean for the balance of the parent-child relationship. The sooner we received that toy, the sooner we could go into school and express to our friends that we indeed did share the same beliefs, furthering our youthful need to feel emotionally supported in friendships. Although, just one example, the understanding associated with friendship connections continues into adulthood, and friends become a support system throughout all our experiences. Indeed, the best friendships are those with the ability to evolve, having a committed strength to change as we do.

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What Makes A Good Friend?

Shared Love

The best thing about friendship is the love that is extended. We receive encouragement when we share our feelings with each other. In the feelings that are expressed; we understand that sharing those feelings will be received and felt by our friends. The result of our bravery to share will be reflected back to us in a way that will either uplift our mood or hold us firm in our beliefs.

A Unified Bond

We all have a unified bond with our friends that can be so strong in its connection; it becomes selfless, and there can be actions of putting their needs above our own without question. We do this because we are loyal to the mutual understanding that even if we did not ask, we know they would do the same if the situation were turned around. How many times have we said thank you, and the response has been, “You would do the same for me.” And we would.

Clarity of thought

There are times that an issue is too close to our heart, and when we explore those issues with a friend, a friend can give us a different point of view about it. An objective view that can expand our thought process and see a possibly unthought of solution, a light bulb moment and can bring resolution to a nagging issue.

A Listening Ear

Just being there throughout it all. There is nothing more special than a friend who goes through all our life’s turns. We all understand that life can be planned to a certain point; we could be the most analytical and even intuitive person, but it remains the same, there are some things in life we cannot foresee. This is life’s plan. This is why those friendships mean so much to us because when we pick up the phone and hear, “Are you free to talk?” The answer is always, “Yes.”

Growth Of The Soul

Our friends want us to grow in life. They want us to mature and be the result of the things we all have to learn in life. They want to see our progression as we strive towards improving ourselves as they know the strength needed to nurture our aspirations. We know that becoming a higher version of ourselves will affect how they spend their own time, and effort nurturing their own ambitions. We aim to achieve together.

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How To Be a Good Friend


When we listen not just to the words said but also to their tone whilst seeing past the emotions presented in that situation, we can hear where the source of the expression originates. By listening attentively, we can understand the whispered messages that emotionally speak to each other, the expressions of the heart filtered through the workings of the mind.


There are those moments when friends do have such a different point of view that it can become a fog for words in a conversation. However, the strength of friendships will tell us to love regardless and understanding, placing us in the position where we can see why our friend would have that point of view. Furthermore, it can reaffirm the appreciation for a friend as we are happy for them to think the way they do. We tend to love them more for it, and it shows.


Most importantly, being thankful is a fundamental key to friendships. Good friends are hard to come by and in the walk of our own lives, we can forget that there is a reason someone enters our life. They show us things about ourselves, and together, we can learn what the balance of that relationship should be, most importantly, how it can enhance each of others wellbeing through gratitude.

What is Friendship?

Friendships are the sum of all the things we reflect in the different areas of our lives. Whether these things are external or internal expressions, our friendships show us who we are within. With the assurance that comes with our friendships, we know that we are understood and, most importantly, loved. We also know that everything that is loved will grow.

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31: The Metaphysics of 2020

Something about 2020 has made those internal questions come to the surface. We have been given the opportunity to listen to the voice in our heart while relying on intuition to expand on our emotional space. We are collectively accepting the things we cannot control while understanding our hearts purpose has a strength over us more than we knew. Let’s delve 

29: Feminine Awareness Part 2 – History of Skincare Introduction

Our relationship with beauty has always been emotional in nature. And nature has always been intricately linked to our sense of beauty.

This week, I will be delving into our relationship with beauty, part of the Feminine Awareness Series. Firstly exploring our history with beauty.

28: Happy Birthday Scorpio – The Infinite One

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIO! It is all about you! I wish you the very best birthday season. I know you can make it work in any environment.

Scorpio, the mysterious ones, the beautifully complicated creatures. You are powerful, and it is felt by all. For this episode, I am going to keep it about Scorpios and just celebrate their energetic vibration, while revealing a few a things that may make sense to them. Let’s delve in!

27: Facing Our Shadows – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2020

In this Libra season, we once again travel through the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, where there has been a collective sense of lingering feelings in actions that want to remain. Energies that like to lean on the last remanence of patience regarding our emotional relationship with life. Let’s delve in.

26: Feminine Awareness Series – Part One

To say Her is present a window into the feminine. There is a link between the things we cannot see, the things we feel, when compared to the things we create.

The Feminine Awareness series explore the connection to our divine feminine, our relationship with our emotional environment and how relative and paramount to the emotions we see in our collective environment. Let’s delve in.