Can do

When finding yourself, there is always a zone that we all go through,
A mystery to most and understood by few.
Trying to understand if it is destiny or whether we are guided through,
I am happy to believe that with hard work, all things are possible.

It is ok to just be yourself and do the best you can do,
To live life the way your desires feel you are supposed to.
The purpose of life can only be limited by our own rules,
Even if those rules are sometimes unconscious to you.

Life shows us that it is; better to live with an attitude of can-do,
So when life is hard, we understand that it is supposed to.
If everything was sitting on sunshine, what else would there be to do?
To cry, to heal, to laugh again, are all reflections of our own rescue.

Clarissa K


Saturn Direct in Capricorn - September 29, 2020

Hello and welcome Clarissa and thank you for joining me where we get the opportunity to share some time with each other. I am here to discuss the energetic movement we have been experiencing, we have this feeling of let’s go, let’s start as something has to begin, and something has to move. With Saturn going direct, Saturn gave us this feeling of limitation, so it feels as though we have something to do; however, we are not sure what it is.


Saturn represents our limitations, our diligence and our rewards

As a collective, this translates as the continuation of 2020, the feeling of wanting to move past the current situation, and highlighting the remaining feeling of limitation. Our 2020 experience seem to be based in belief, not to say that what we are experiencing is not happening, it is that most of us are experiencing are in the things we cannot see in our actual life. This is part of the problem we are facing, struggling to come to terms with the reality we have to walk with. We do not want to, but we have to reside with it anyway. On a deeper level, the shift also reflects our unconscious emotional belief. The fear of unexpected change, holding the handrail while feeling a change in our collective conscious. It can be hard to acknowledge the environment we are presented with as it could mean acknowledging that there is a presence higher than ourselves.


So What Is Her Version Of Love, Her turn-ons, Her Ideal In The Sex Life With Her Partner?

Really it comes down to whether we going to create a smooth transition into the future. This is why the same narrative has appeared in our conversations regarding our identity within society. Again, we are moving; however, there is stagnation, and I believe this is the Saturn direct part of it. Saturn walks with the element of letting us know where we have limitation and restrictions in our belief. We go through these cycles, and we address these same feelings again, maybe in a new situation or in a new generation, to show where there needs to be change. If we address the issues in the same way, we will always experience the same results.


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The Connection To The Feminine - The Clarissa K philosophy

She believes that her world shows reflections of how she feels. So she chooses to feel special, to feel adored, to feel like a Queen with self-love, respect and care. She is a woman who only wants the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.


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