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Moon in Leo

Hello and thank you for joining me in this space where we have the opportunity to share some time together. In this episode, it is a continuation of the message within Leo season, in particular, focusing on the journey of the Moon. Also, we will be delving into what it is would mean to have your Moon in Leo, the fixed fire sign.

What Is My Moon Sign?

In Astrology, Moon Signs are very important as they indicate the intention of our emotions, connection to our Mother, our relationship to the concept of nurture, and also the connection to our intuitive abilities. The Moon sign placement in our birth chart represents the filter through which our emotions need to feel and express, they can be felt by people in our emotional space, home and even work. The Moon Sign can be so prominent in its emotional needs that at times it is felt more potently than the position of the Zodiac Sun Sign, which represents our Conscious Self, connections to the intention of our ego and the persona we present in our environment. The Moon Sign can be found in the birth chart where the Moon crescent (☾) symbol is placed.

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What Does It Mean When The Moon Is In Leo?

For instance, you could be a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Zodiac Sun Sign with a Moon in Leo, making you more fixed in the desire for a bold version of attention, not usual for a Water Zodiac Sun Sign, where the desire is to explore within the feeling. With the mix of emotions from the water sign characteristics, this could project through your Leo Moon qualities very dramatically. If you have ever been called a Drama Queen and you are not a Leo Zodiac sign, then you might be in the right place Honey (this does not just apply to a Moon in Leo woman lol).

What Will The Journey Of The Moon In Leo Season Feel Like?

The journey of the Moon through the Leo season is fascinating, as I was researching the energy of Leo season, it began to feel very overwhelming. This could be an indication of how we are feeling, as there seem to be so many directions, all with them the expectations that we should move forward, and yes we should; however, the expectation has not matched the emotion just yet. There are so many dates and changes involved in the relationship of emotional security, that the feeling of needing to protect ourselves while embracing our humanism again can feel burdensome. The psychological permanency and symbolism of the masks we have to wear has arrived, and its association with our collective experience is the double-edged sword of our present environment. While protecting us, it also reminds us of the feelings we have held for months, a reminder of our fragility as human beings, while trying to have the confidence to step out into a new version of ourselves. As we are so receptive to our environment, we have to remember the importance of general hygiene and leaning towards implementing a balanced diet that can be strong enough to support our bodily functions against viruses.

What Are Leo Moon Signs Attracted To?

The Moon in Leo represents passionate self-expression in their beliefs, a proudness from within. The Moon Sign of Leo would be attracted to the combination of needing to please and to be pleased, being generous while adoring generosity, and pampering while love to be pampered. Leo Moon Sign is a really lovely placement to have as they can be quite jovial and are always the life of the party, the biggest party. They can have a proudness regarding their family, and of course, let’s not forget that they love to be adored, navigating in the space where they are the centre of attention. They can be funny and would like to be the highlight of night, leaving everyone feeling so enriched, that they would excited to be in their presence again. In short, just DOTE & ADORE them.

Are Leo Moons Jealous?

With the self-confidence that Leo brings to our emotions this season, it charges us to express ourselves through our love and creativity. However, Leo Moons can have the tendency to feel jealous over the attention they believe they deserve or for project, person or praise they feel more worthy of. Likewise, from their own ability to be the centre of attention, there can be the attraction of jealously which always creates the question of intention. Seen and felt in the people who may not have their best interests in heart, and coming from a place of limitation and value. The action from intention in those forces maybe to distract, highlight or expose a weakness. Neutralisation begins when remaining focused on expressions of grace and staying close to what is held as value. Proudness should be projected from the heart, not from ego, remembering that our experiences all lead to the process of creating strength from what was once weakness. The level of transparency in communications becomes a gift, showing examples of growth connected to revealing the diamond in the rough. Your truth can shine so brightly, that it attracts the attention of new friends who understand the journey to the destination.

What Is The Moon Is In Leo Aura?

Some may be missed by their extended family and friends who would like to reunited and would like to feel the warmth of our heart. Loved ones who care, and even others that are curious, would like to be embraced by an attitude of optimism, the spontaneity of exuberance, and view the passions that create an attraction of aura. The Moon’s journey through the Leo season asks us to create a reputation that is filled with the energies of enthusiasm, performance and balance, to be an example of the poetry of life, a series of keywords that creates the atmosphere of inspiration.

Is Moon Sign Leo A Leader?

There is a need for solo work while remaining emotionally expansive in our connection to others, showing a range of emotions that is understood and can be felt in various ways. We will need the ability to demonstrate a reassurance in the constancy of our devotion in things we strive for, showing the capacity of faith rather than the vulnerability of irregular stability. When situations occur that try to create a spotlight on an intensity within a mood, it is control, focus and dignity that will generate not only affection but also respect and even power. Compare it to a mechanism requiring rotating cogs to be placed in a specific order, intricacy is needed, instinct is necessary, and anything else that does not belong in that placement is a problem. When there are comments from individuals who serve to create outbursts, remember the pride of the past while showing alluding to future ideals. What happens when we read the same page in a book over and over again? We know that page so well, we become an expert of that page and of that page only. It does not tell us the whole story, only tiny parts. It does not show the role of the adventurers journey in the story, it only links to the scenes of smaller content. My point is if we want to focus on the small things within the details, let them be the intricacies in the ritual of creating the foundation, in the desires that show quality in the passion, giving an insight into your leadership qualities, if that is your path. Have the intention to read the story to the end, furthermore, become the Author.

Being your own cheerleader can show others how to have strength, proudness and belief in the things they want to gain recognition for. When we take the opportunity to step back and see of those well-lubricated cogs performing in synchronisation with each other, we can gain an understanding of the relationships we have in life. There is an importance of recognising the traits in our relationship with ourselves. Creating balance and fairness in our own heart will reflect into that with partners, where support will be the return.

What Is A Lion's Heart?

One of the things I almost forget about the Moon’s journey through the Leo season is that of the energy which sits at the centre of Lion’s heart, courage. The opposite to fear, while is also providing the medicine to the symptoms of fear. As the story goes, to find the courage we need to go through a journey that involves trouble or a tumble, evidently discovering the real truth that acknowledges courage was never an outlet we were in search for. It was not found in plenty for someone else and only reserved for the air in a dream. Courage was within us from the beginning, it is the glee in the seeds that guides us to an idea, it features in the conversation that the points to joy, expressed in the light of our spirit, and creating guidance in our intuition. There is not one person on this earth that have not experienced problems, a sense of loss, the need to purge the pain that remained deep within – the Pluto in our transits, no one. It is part of our human experience, to feel all that we must, life demands it. It is within our spiritual rights to create our own karmic justice, to put all that held us back in a section where it can be addressed as articles of usage, insights into inspiration, the fire that creates the flair.

Can Fixed Fire Sign Leo Adapt To Change?

In Astrology, the Sun is the Ruler of Leo, and the heat created can allow us to feel its warmth reflected on the Moon’s journey through the Leo season. It takes courage to tap into the moods of a matter, create a public stage in which our dance with life is presented as art. Being proud of the positions we have been through, and maybe even the thoughts that have been slightly out there, it is ok, as growth from those influences of the mind is the most essential element. In fact, it is more satisfying that we can show how changeability can touch the pictures of life. Adaptability creates another centre to focus on, and openness navigates the evolution of our souls’ design. Awareness of the energies we feel, brings knowledge to our emotions, an understanding that whenever creation creates intention, it creates a duality of that intention. One side to fulfil the purpose of intention through thoughts and actions, and the other to reaffirm the intention through our beliefs. This shows in the dynamic of polarities, an opposing force. When do we stand in our beliefs the strongest? Only when our views are opposed, it helps us to stand with the feet of integrity. We will always experience times of opposition within our environment or from our own emotions, where the intention will determine whether the response is through our conditioned belief or instinctual belief.

What Is The Moon Is In Leo Influence?

Let the Leo season and the energetic influence on the Moon, our emotions warm the heart, create a passion within the soul where your intentions feel like royalty, allowing your activities rights to adoration. Words that embrace the heart result in the birth of love, a romance in the world, and like the lion in nature, have the tendency to be the leader, play in the circle of knowledge that displays beautiful reactions. Most of all, be kind to the meaning of the inner child, find your everything-and-everywhere-friend and have lots of fun.

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What Element Is Leo?

In Astrology, Leos are the second heat within the fire element. I think of people with the sign of Leo as a comparable to a campfire, the fire that creates social bonding, friends laughing in their experiences, having comfortability around a warming heat, cooking for each other in a feel-good energy. This is what Leos vibe can offer us this season.