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Hello and welcome another episode, I am Clarissa thank you for joining in space where we get the opportunity to share some time with each other.


Libra Season 2020

Hello and welcome to another episode, I am Clarissa thank you for joining in space where we get the opportunity to share some time with each other.


And this week, Happy Birthday to Libras, Zodiac Signs, I hope you have the best libran season ever as it is all about you. I am going to be discussing what Libra means in our lives and what experience we are going to be sharing during this Libra sign season. Let’s see how this Venus-ruled season relates to us.


What Does The Sign of Libra Mean?

With the Libra season, it brings a changing of our environmental seasons, from Summer to Autumn. Before the Libra season, we experienced the beauty of spring growth and the expression of the summer vitality, the Sun at its highest point in Sky, creating fertile land and helping us to reap the natural rewards from the fruition of life. When we meet Venusian ruled Libra season, it is the place of the between; the transition, the balance between two sides. We can call it nature’s pivot point between the Spring/Summer months and Autumn/Winter months. Just as we have seen pictures of scales that symbolise Libra zodiac sign, we can understand the scales is the symbol that represents the balance between two opposing sides creating equilibrium.


When Is The Libra Zodiac Sign Season?

The season for the Libra zodiac sign starts on the Autumn Equinox, September 23 until October 22, indicating that Libra represents the bridge between two polarities within nature. As one of the air signs, the transiting we experience during Libra sign season is of thought and communication, especially in regards to connection, compatibility, partnership, conflict and compromise. When Libra season arrives, we experience nature’s annual point of opposition, the transition from light to dark, just like we experience it every day from day to night. We move into the Seasons that are controlled by the dark, and nature’s withdrawal from the vitality of life. We now get the opportunity to see how nature exists through the polarity of the dark.


What Kind Of Person Is A Libra?

In Autumn, to us, the change in season is seen as the deterioration of nature, the breakdown of life to complete non-existence of nature during the winter months. A quiet humbling of nature to create a space of dormancy, the opportunity to be patient and wait for life to become fruitful again. This is the energy Libra gives us. Yes, it is a considerable weight for Librans; this is why in their personality traits, they can have this tendency to seemingly always trying to maintain balance. It is not to say that they are always balanced; however, it is that they remain in the energy of always trying to maintain balance. This can be very hard for an individual to have this constant energy all time, as it can take a great deal always to maintain thoughts and situations that can crossover and pass through smoothly. Also, this is why Libras are such good ideas people, and excellent salespeople, as they can create a picture and help see it as balanced. Whatever it is that you seek, where you feel like you are not entirely at the summit, or have not reached your hopes and dreams yet, Libra can create ideas that bring the feeling of stillness and the balance in action needed for things to go smoothly. Again, if thoughts are too high above the Stratosphere, they can bring you back down to balance, into a realistic equilibrium. On the downside, yes, Libras can have the tendency to tell you what you want to hear. Another downside is that they may want to see the integrity in your point of view by creating an opposing point of view, even if they agree with you to a degree, they can then use every piece of information they gain to create the picture they want.  


What Planet Rules Libra In Astrology?

In astrology, the air sign Libra is viewed as the level-headed and fair sign, ruled by Venus, representing the attraction to feminine principles that stand firm in value, such as law, which is value for some and beauty, which is value for others. We see law represented by a female archetype holding the scales of Justice. Venus, the planet also rules Taurus; this is when we can see the two representations of this ruling planet. Taurus relates value through sensuality and touch, appreciation for the things we can see, feel, taste and gain from creating a slow and concentrated process through life, an appreciation that will never be forgotten. When Venus refers to the Libra sign, it highlights our relationship with the idea of beauty, balance, Justice and judgement. Justice, judgement and balance are the words we use in our human experience; in nature, it is the karmic intention of the energies created. When it is related to our human experience, it becomes law, the most significant karmic intent in our day-to-day. 


What Do The Scales Symbolize?

The balance that is created by Libra takes its story from history and mythology, where they believed before you go into the afterlife content, you had to be confident the soul was lighter than a feather and tested on the scales of life. Oh boy, I can tell you now that is not going to work for me lol. 

In the changing of the seasons, this reflects onto the things that can longer grow in order to give way to new life and bring a new sense of nature’s harmony. Demonstrating there are always two sides to every eventuality when anything is created, a duality of intention. Both represent the belief in what is created. There is nothing stronger than a belief that opposes our own, to make our point of view stronger in its stance. It can feel hard; however, it is also fantastic as it is the process that we go through to have progressive thoughts always. Having to adapt to the contrasts in our beliefs, validating our beliefs, evolving our beliefs, this all creates new ideas to further forward, just like Autumn to Winter to Spring. Librans only know how to always find the maintaining balance; they always have their eye on the pivoting point. And again, a heavy burden to bear which is how Libra can feel. Libra, you have got this, you are the Royals of Balance. 


What Is The House Of Relationships In The Birth Chart?

The association, the sign of Libra, with duality is why they are also very known for partnerships and relationships. In the birth chart, Libra (Venus) rules the 7th House, which shows us our belief in partnerships, whether love, friendship and business. So it is interesting to see what operates in the 7th house space within the birth chart, as it is quite crucial in knowing the style of relationship that we like and if there are any issues in that area. 


What Will We Experience In The Libra Season?

Thoughts Of Freedom

Sun 0°- 4° in Libra 6th House Conjunction Libra Uranus 1′ 6th House 

This season brings an energy of unexpected changes in our concepts of freedom, mentality or physically. Whether we feel we have more freedom, would like more, or are going through the process to feel this way. For some, it is a route to escape, and for others, it is a situation they are trying to avoid. There may be a change in routine, or even change in friendships groups, partnerships and contracts. It is a great time to keep busy as the temporary shift changes could bring a sense of feeling like a man on an island. This space will ultimately create a higher level of self-awareness that introduces and attracts an open-mindedness and even unconventionality. 


What Will We Experience In The Libra Season?

The Duality Of Intention

Sun 7°- 12° in Libra 6th House Square Midheaven Capricorn 9°

A situation could arise where dialogue is met by an opposing mindset or mindsets. Again, this goes back to the duality of belief within the intention. There has to be an opposing belief to strengthen the contexts of the dialogue. The opposing belief intends to highlight a lack of control, integrity and maybe even the opportunity for hypocrisy. There may be some pressures regarding authority, others and our own. The best solution is to drive any frustrations regarding this into creativity, empathy and genuine acts of selflessness. Understanding that what is for you, is for you to the point where it is not just a possibility, as if it was out of the realm of achievable it just would not exist. At the same time, there is a need for relatability to the needs of others, a discerningness of their belief in progress, as they seek the same destination.


What Will We Experience In The Libra Season?

Deja Vu, Again again

Sun 11°- 6° in Libra 6th House Conjunct South Node Libra 13° 6th House

There could be the feeling of deja vu in the air, as we seem to always have to enter the space of revisiting past feelings and whether those feelings sit in the corner, or the centre of our lives now. An issue may come into light at this point to remind us that with the right point of view, the past can be a gift, reminding us where we came from and what we have learnt, empowering our future. 


What Will We Experience In The Libra Season?

Developing & Nurturing Bonds

Sun 14°- 19° in Libra 6th House Trine Venus Aquarius 17° 11th House

This is the season to reconnect bonds that nurture, protect and show affection and appreciation. These bonds help to be the listening ear when it comes to discussing matters of the heart. We may want to feel an introduction to love or renewal of love that was there in the beginning. Friendships can develop into love, and interests in creative thinking can bring lovers together. This may be a time when people want to feel confident in their ideas, an inner request that attracts those who see the vision you have, as long as quality in the details remains. 


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