Happy You Returned

Hello, I am so pleased to be here in this space with you. I hope life is treating you well and allowing you the time to explore. If this is your first visit, then I am so glad you found your way here, and if this is your returning visit, then I am so happy you returned to me. I like that we can progress together and understand the energies surrounding us in this season. There is such an excitement to tell you about the depth of how it feels, so we can effectively apply our emotions to our lives in a positive way, let’s begin.

Independent Thoughts In Private Spaces

Transit: Gemini Sun 1° Square Natal Pisces Pluto 2°

The more we walk through our circumstances, the more we enter into the realm of psychological reflection as we become aware of our relationship with our environment. There is a good sense of humour growing related to how we decide our current environment affects us; there is a less serious outlook when compared to how we felt a few weeks ago. However, we have not forgotten the feeling of containment. In this self-contained environment, we could feel as though it is really about the discovery of who we are, and some in this time, enjoy the sense of how profound it is to be independently thinking in a private space. It is shaping our character, placing more emphasis on intellect, combined with the rising feeling that information is stimulating. It is needed; it is the stimulation that encourages us to apply enough knowledge and understanding to power through and become triumphant over obstacles.

Due to the transformative requirement, it is not subtle in its demands; it does not feel like a smooth transition at all. Reflecting on the concept of transformation, it calls from the needs set in one reality and compels us to move towards a completely different level. In the process, the focus is on how it feels, what we gain in knowledge, and understanding the need for the changes, only looking back to compare. Some are on the road already, acknowledging the polar opposite of their life, seeing contrasts more so this year.

At the beginning of the year, the compelling feeling of change sat in the mind as thoughts and visions, while activities demonstrated their way in normal patterns. Now, they know by the end of the year, what mattered to them before will reflect as a feeling of less importance, and their current thoughts will be showing up in their lives to be apart of the new routine. This containing environment has brought about a release, a complete shift intended to be a passage, letting go of the things we truly cannot control. Those things were chains; we always knew there were, never really acknowledging that it could be different if we let go. You see, these chains were not bound around wrists; they were held in our hands as we chose to hold them tightly because they felt safe. Now, they have become completely unnecessarily, but it does not feel easy, as it is just as much about understanding our management of power, the habits we have always known and how it project our power into our environment. It could be related to our ambitions, our relationship to work, our expressions, our mannerism, all going through a reshaping. The idea of the superficiality, some may not be able to deal with right now, and it is breaking down everything they believed.

My New Standard Of Beauty

Transit: Gemini Sun 1° Square Natal Pisces Pluto 2°

I am experiencing this, as the industry I have based my career in for 20 years is in a massive shift, breaking down what is expected from the beauty industry and the formula for success, used for many years. I have always felt that the beauty industry was my security, things look so different now, but I love beauty. The beauty industry places emphasis how we look, how we define ourselves through our exterior projection, and how we identify with our environment. The other integral part of the beauty industry is physical touch, the procedures that bring us into an emotional space that is best for our wellbeing; this is my favourite element as I love performing massages; I go into a space of rhythmic meditation that feels so amazing. Sounds strange; however, I have to perform massages barefoot as it does not feel right with shoes on, I feel as though I cannot connect with the earth under my feet otherwise. Reminds me of how much I miss Pedicures, they are my favourite treatment to have done, yes, pretty toes that feel good. Our time now has made us focus less on the outside and turned our thinking towards our inner canvas; it does not mean we are placing the idea of beauty on the back burner, not at all. Our brush has changed; we are learning to create our own artwork, using the way we feel as the canvas; this is beautiful in itself as it will reflect on our physical changes. Starting with the way we view ourselves, some may feel they are becoming more beautiful.

Some may feel they are definitely going through something, telling themselves that they do not know what is happening, as they are yet to understand their own ability to demonstrate their inner power. Which relates to the power they have always given away to others, in this environment with fewer influences; they are unsure of what they are supposed to do. This unsure feeling, is still crucial as it sets the same intention, to understand the choice to manage of own power. There has to be even just a small inner struggle as it is reflective of the relationship with our emotions. Allowing the emotional intention to become stronger is a positive way to make impressions in life, it is very personal and powerful. It is the wings of the Phoenix rising through what is not comfortable to move us towards where will be going, the things we have to overcome, with grace, sincerity and empathy. Becoming the new standard of beauty.

Moving Out Of The Quiet

Transit: Gemini Sun 1° Sextile Natal Leo Jupiter 1°

Themes of vitality are expanding as we are becoming more accepting of the concept of possibility. The optimism creates habits we can eventually become comfortable with, showing opportunities that were not there before; we could not see them for what they meant. Some are looking at areas of their life completely different; maybe their diet is transforming, deepening the connection to food, and playing a role with how we feel. Some are moving out of the quiet, which is good, and they are vocalising their goals and the things they intend to do, they are acknowledging routes. Some of us may be feeling that, although there are blocks, they have confidence in themselves and the ability not to let the view of resistance take over their vision. Resistance may not be there, only really appearing as a projection of the doubt in our inner voice. We all go through the same version of the conversations with ourselves, playing out differently relating to what we know. Some are walking their path with others, concerned more with the community aspect, where people want to be optimistic together. They may share material, or spiritual goals and how to grow, develops new actions, becoming open with others as openness increases their level of clarity, creating a willingness to shares their most profound insights.

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Magnetism For New Ideas

Transit: Gemini Sun 2° Square Natal Sagittarius Chiron 4°

It is an eye-opener when we examine the things that we think are so determined, and also believe we are so connected to, that it brings up many insecurities when the perception is shaken. All the things we attach to the development of ourselves, development of our ideas, and essentially what we believe is beautiful, inside and out. When shaken, identifies the things that we have linked to an inner weakness, insecurity or doubt. Those feelings that have limited our purpose and creativity and made us want reassurance projected in through our co-dependencies. What is good about these passing emotions is the effects it creates at that moment, a reaction to not wanting to feel that way, inspiring motivation to make changes. It could be something that has to be practised, surrounding it with importance and introducing a routine. Even when the doubts find a way to project into your conscious mind, there is a routine, and the routine has more importance over doubts until the doubts become no more.

I definitely have felt examples of this to the point, I really mind, I quite like going through moments of self-reflection, always rediscovering what my constraints and limitations are. It helps to place focus in the right direction and whether the constraints and limitations are something that is supposed to be included as part of the whole picture and the plan. They help to create the strength needed and pinpointing the source of those insecurities, frustrations and inadequacies. It may be an example to learn more, it some cases it may place emphasis on developing mastery, so it no longer a weakness, it is a strength.

There could emotions tied to the power demonstrated within our childhood home and placing the need to separate the thoughts of limitation in adulthood. The feelings that were not allowed to be expressed as a child can play out in situations as adults in reoccurring themes. These feelings show up to help us address our feelings of value, this can be overcome by embracing the feelings of the inner child and associating those feelings with forgiveness.

Rediscovering Constraints And Limitations

Transit: Gemini Sun 2° Trine Natal Libra Uranus 1°

I love to see when there is a beautiful connection with things we tried to the things we want, it creates a dance in the elements of our lives, surrounding freedom and self-expression. However, it is not as though I dislike order and boundaries, I do, it is quite interesting to see in different situations as it creates priority, acceptance and appreciation. Maybe it is the freedom to control and the routines in self-expression; nevertheless, it creates magnetism for new ideas and new innovations, new products. It taps into concepts that have not existed until now while remaining connected to previous issues. It may have been that concepts arising now fit the present time, compared to earlier in a time that might have been too abstract. Innovation is one of my favourite words, it is so motivating.

Assertiveness Inspires

Transit: Gemini Sun 2° Square Natal Sagittarius Chiron 4°

I know for some, it feels like at the moment they are having a rough time, yet, we still have an instinctual feeling that is looking forward to experiencing freedom. There is nothing like feeling contained for our protection to make us feel connected to the sense of freedom. When we open our doors, and after we know it is safe, some will be running to breathe in the new air, embracing how much they feel in touch with themselves, it all becomes precious. And although the sense of restriction will not be gone entirely, we will become connected to a new sensation. We would have gained an understanding attached to a positive way of life, as now we are now valuing our environment and relationships so much more. I can completely relate to this feeling, I am quite enjoying the current sense of discovery and challenge, and I think I have had more ideas and thoughts of the future than I have in previous years.

Those who are ready to take the next step and spend more time on developing their ideas are going to be preparing to get them out there. It just means that I am going to have to get a new phone as the apps that are coming out need more respect than the space on my phone can give them. These new apps are paving the way to the point I look at them and think “What kind of mind came up with this? It is truly amazing. Furthermore, it is not just about our advancements in technology, there is filtering to everything we are connected to, such as food, our health, our relationships, our money, our attachment to the future. These ideas and concepts are already out there, requiring the opportunity to blossom. Some ideas needed an environment such as this to come active, it is the same with mindsets needing the environment to create a willingness to adapt. There is a growing understanding that somethings will remain in this time and could be considered as the final goodbye to the last decade. We see this all the time in different outlooks, in ages, different social groups and just the way we walk.

I believe I am quite lucky that I love technology; however, I also have a massive love of wellbeing, nature and the importance of having some understanding of biochemistry and metaphysics, so I can give my body quality sustenance. I can see the benefits of both technology, our connection with nature and how they both have an expectation of the future. We are going through a time where we recognise that readjusting the prioritises of our expectations is what is required from the future, giving us a sense of diligence regarding ideas and plans. Some are feeling the gift of time and will go through ideas while relating them to the structures around us. Involving everything from our relationships with finance, money, work-life, our children, our family, our health personal, and care. They are all coming into play on a collective level to have their value addressed and centred individually, making us more goal-oriented, more plan-oriented and more revenue-oriented.

Reflections Of Pleasure In Romance

Transit: Gemini Sun 15° Trine Natal Aquarius Venus 17°

Transit: Gemini Sun 24° Conjunction Natal Gemini Lilith 26°

There are moments where we are focusing on pleasures, we could shop, we could express ourselves through decorating, and we definitely want to see reflections of pleasure in romance. Love and sensuality, are the things desired to be reciprocated for our partner, and if not by our partner, then inspiring our own creativity and through the expression of the beauty that surrounds us. This could focus on creating harmonious energy in our home, and we feel we may want to pamper home with soft furnishings, decorating, gardening, things to make us feel beautiful. Regarding partnerships, yes we want responses from our my partner, that show us we are beautiful.

There is also an element that focuses on finance as it is not particularly the best time for financial issues, due to the Retrograde, which I will explore further. Finances are responding to challenging dynamics, so it is an excellent time to consider how to spread finance and introduce an element of financial management. Although it can feel tighter, gaining financial control over money is a step forward to increasing our financial intelligence. It can lead to advancement and opportunities that we cannot see at the moment and can help to demonstrate a professional insight if managed correctly.

Logic In Our Emotional Responses

Transit: Gemini Sun 16° Opposition Natal Sagittarius Mercury 18°

Transit: Gemini Sun 21° Sextile Natal Leo Saturn 23°

Transit: Gemini Sun 29° Square Natal Libra Uranus 1°

Transit: Gemini Sun 23° Sextile Natal Aries Ascendant 25°

This ties into quite nicely to this last section as it leads to our ability to show discipline and patience, which contrasts to our impulsivity. We could focus on our flexibility to adapt our behaviour to become more protective of our goals for the future, and what is required to place a degree of logic in our emotional responses. Due to uncertainties in conservations, there could be various reactions driven to demonstrate a protectiveness over our identity, our freedom and our control over the things we believe in.

Unexpectedly, some may want to completely separate themselves from a narrative they think is obscuring their direction. Feeling less obligated to respond in the way that is expected and embracing the growing emotional security in their individualism. It could be things relating to the past and emotions that are steering towards a non-consequential point of view. There is a sense of unburdening, allowing songs of the future to sing about freedom rather than grow from notions of restriction. Acceptance of what was, can be displayed in the patience we show in reactionary conversations, things that can speak from an ingrained point of view. Conversations that erupt can see from one side, words of a strong presence that narratives based on the impression it leaves on others; the polarity is the direct open-mindedness that displays meaning, it does not cast down, it shapes the environment. Both conversations keep us connected to the belief that tomorrow will be ok.

Love Always

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Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people through their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns and the language that exists in the spaces around us, which led me to the world of unconscious thinking, Metaphysics and Astrology. My interests became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com

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