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Wren Green, Lancashire, UK

Winner of BEST DAY SPA 2019 by Good Spa Guide Awards, in association with ESPA, the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village is a lavish adult-only experience. Finding a slice of heaven in the home to the Red Rose of Lancaster, the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village is a blissful escape into the Lancashire countryside, based in the North West of England, and located Preston and Blackpool.

Restore, Relax & Rejuvenate

Her Luxury Wellness handpicks every Spa Hotel, based on experiences and your recommendations, to ensure your Spa experience feels extra special for you and others. Spa Hotels that are set in beautiful locations, with excellent service and facilities, where you can relax, feel pampered and enjoy fulfilling senses from holistic and spiritual solutions. Luxury escapism that creates the inner peace you deserve because here at Her Luxury Wellness, your value is recognised.
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