Our Feminine Awareness Series Part 1

Hello and welcome Clarissa and thank you for joining me where we get the opportunity to share some time with each other. I am here to discuss the energetic movement we have been experiencing, we have this feeling of let’s go, let’s start as something has to begin, and something has to move. With Saturn going direct, Saturn gave us this feeling of limitation, so it feels as though we have something to do; however, we are not sure what it is.


The divine feminine

I wanted to open up this space to create more grounding as I am coming from a Spiritual point of view. I think it would be good to delve into the link we have between the things we cannot see, the things we feel and experience when compared to the things we create. Specifically, looking at how these things relate to our emotions as women. And someone asked me this week why I focus on women’s wellness, and I could simply say because women raise our nations, it really is about our connection to our divine feminine, our relationship with our emotional environment and how relative and paramount to the emotions we see in our collective environment. The divine feminine within us all, women and men, however saying the word Her, creates the space in the mind to think about things from a divine feminine point of view. Just like if I was to say He, it makes anything I say afterwards related to the masculine. To say Her is present a window into the feminine.



2020 has been a year of unexpected awareness, especially regarding the relationship we have with ourselves, the sense of grounding with a sense of unexpected change. There is stronger importance on positive mental health, body health and emotional health. The link between our external environment, our internal systems, and the balance has become precious, even a luxury. Before 2020, we saw a growth in the popularity towards the natural and organic lifestyle, products and the pull towards health and fitness. Now, we are seeing the rise in chemical-free products, which is reflected in our global consciousness, becoming aware of our need to connect to the Earth. This is seen in the organic and natural beauty market value, which is expected to increase from $34.5 billion in 2018 to approximately $54.5 billion by 2027, stated by Statista . This shows that we are placing an importance on the things we want to value, regarding what is personal to us, our personal care. We are becoming consciously aware of our need to connect to the Earth that is being intimate and intricate. The unconscious knowing that our body is a temple is becoming more conscious in our day to day, to the point of normal. What goes onto our skin, what is a part of our environment, is just as important as what goes into our body. Ultimately understanding that the organic and natural will be received positively by the body, over synthetic substitutions.



Our awareness for authenticity permeates from unconscious needs vibrating from a cellular level where our body continuously creates the need for homeostasis, balance and equilibrium of mind, body and soul. This affects our emotional needs and our logical space, which in a larger sense, is shown through our want for socially conscious efforts from our current brands. We have this with legal action taken towards the ingredients used in our products due to links to disharmony of the body, such as endocrine disruption and cancer.


Our bodys alarm bells

The endocrine system involves our endocrine glands which our body uses for a broad range of purposes, including our hormones ability to control our moods, respiration, growth and development, metabolism, organs, and reproduction.

Our body defends itself from what it does not recognise and will create symptoms of imbalance. The body’s alarm bell. This raises questions of what should we really be looking at to create solutions, the symptoms themselves of the cause of those symptoms. Why is the body reacting in that way? When we get a rash of the skin or reaction to something we have eaten, why does it create a defensive mechanism in that way, shown to us as a symptom? Further to this, what would be our emotional response to these alarm bells, even on a meniscal level. Is there an emotional response, the slightest imbalance, biological reaction or internal fight against removing what it does not consider organic or receiving of our human biological rhythm? If so, how does this affect our emotional space and our external environment?

Our great move towards technology and the integration to our sensual needs evolving into digital receivers has created more of an intention than considered, it has created a growing alternative intention. Where the intention of changing our biological Nature through technological advance, it has created the polarity intention of bringing us fundamentally to closer to the needs of the Earth, our divine feminine and our human Nature, ultimately becoming a consumer need. And although technology is gender-neutral, most of the most of that power out experience through it our masculine (technology) and so the feminine shows itself through our emotional need, our Nature. Let’s ourselves, who are the ones leading us towards technology and who are the ones awaken us towards the benefits of Nature?


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Uranus In Taurus

Astrologically, Uranus entered into Taurus from 15 May 2018 and will move through this energy until 26 April 2026. The Uranus in Taurus energy can highlight our beliefs regarding value, money, beauty, sensuality and food, through a process of change, which can be unexpected, however, also grounded. A readjustment to further deepen what has been an introduction of change, creating the foundation for future structures. Unexpected value, and unexpected riches, the value that would normally appear over a long period could suddenly appear. An example in our current experience is the rise in unconventional beauty where we are seeing a further appreciation for what is considered unique beauty, showing us a true reflection of what society really looks like. Another example is the changes in the stock market and individual companies gaining incredible value over others as our emotional needs, and the things that help us to feel the comforting change. Also, our interaction with technology and seeing the value it has in our lives, becoming more interactive with what creates feelings for us through technological solutions. With the erratic and electrical impulses nature of Uranus, it could mean unexpected jumps towards future thought in society, where change is inevitable, as the sensation of freedom becomes more and more valuable. Taurus makes our need for change realistic.

In a commercial setting, we have already started to see the relationship with ourselves brought to the surface with the rise of marketing unconventional beauty, and there is still more to see. Really, it is just us sharing ourselves and showing all the quirks that would have led to previous insecurities. They have been brought to light to say, ‘This is me, I love me and maybe you will too”. Look at how much we love freckles now, with most of us admitting we secretly liked them, or two different coloured eyes or having piercing and tattoos. All of those things would have been met with a no no no no no, not going to work, that does not look good. Now we can see the beauty in things we considered alternative because we have been inspired to see things differently. It is not to say that it will always stay in this momentum as this is what we perceive as attractive now. Beauty is becoming more diverse compared to an archetypal point of view, it is here to grow our outward thinking. Who knows what could happen in the future’s future, where we could see another representation of beauty, completely different from now, it will be a reflection of how we feel at the time, and it will be just as impressive.

Now is showing us what we are emotionally connected to and we are all sharing to bring them out, things that were kept hidden because they created unconscious insecurities, are being brought to the table to be addressed and become part of conscious acceptance. The table is slowly turning to allow us the opportunity to test our emotional responses. The only issue is our belief of having control over our emotions, the emotions always want more. Once the door is opened, everything else will run out giving way to what is considered ultra alternative possibly becoming mainstream, then there are the taboos and sexual preferences, as they are also related to attraction. It comes through to adjust our emotional boundaries and to understand where our level of acceptance or filters are. In our environment, these things just seem like issues of our times; however, this is part of our collective growth. Just like 100 years ago in the 1920s when there was a liberation for women as a response to the previous constraints of the first world war. Those prior constraints also created a known underground hedonistic lifestyle which signified the box being opened, creating a sexual liberation that contributed to future mindsets and lifestyles.

Regarding our current sexual attractions, we are having issues addressing. We have yet to understand some of the sexual and even relationship preferences some of our fellow humans have, and the awareness of this may be met with emotionally reactive responses. Although some preferences may sit very far from what is considered conventional, it still does not change that they exist, so they may eventually demand a space on the table, to become normalised. If some desires cannot be normalised, they will still need a space of understanding to expand our insights into the reaches of human desire.


The Connection To The Feminine - The Clarissa K philosophy

She believes that her world shows reflections of how she feels. So she chooses to feel special, to feel adored, to feel like a Queen with self-love, respect and care. She is a woman who only wants the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.


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