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Emotional Response To Our Physicalities

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I feel connected to the process of sharing thoughts with you and delving into some of the mysteries of life. The things that we can not truly explain; however, we feel it. I believe there is always going to be a physical response to the things we feel; that way we interact and connect with the things, relay it back to ourselves, gaining more understanding about how we deal with different situations. 

We see a lot of responsive interaction, now in our environment, within the social, economic and political spheres—the responses to what we view as our physical differences. We are responding to how it feels when the focus on our physicalities and it commands to be the topic of conversation. The positive is our awareness acknowledges the way it is and the way it has been, so the concept of change can be introduced. 

My mindset is very esoteric and metaphysical in its thinking, so in my understanding, I believe reactions are responses to how the things we see, make us feel, which creates a dynamic with what we already feel. Even history is proof of our reactionary physical response to each other; it has a part to play in keeping the way we think and feel about each other current. What I consider our reactionary response to the physical is only the beginning of our understanding, we have to go beyond history. Some of the questions that float in my mind are, where does the source of these emotions derive? And why is there such a reactionary dynamic in the relationship between certain groups of people? If our responses start with our emotions and demonstrate through our actions, then the questions surrounding why do our emotions make us feel the way we do, is the beginning of creating long-lasting solutions involving acceptance.

There is something inherent within us that makes us feel the way we do towards each other and physicalities. Discovering what it is and why it is connected to our emotions, leading to our reactionary responses, could be one of the keys to breaking the emotional cycle based in relationships. I plan to take my time and go slowly because discussing physicalities is always associated with sensitivity; someone will always feel ostracised when comparisons are made between differences. I would not want that to happen; however, the questions surrounding our emotions remain. We all get to choose how we feel, and I want my space to be filled with love and respect for one another. It has honestly taken me years to get to a place where my love of understanding the relationship of differences prevails over emotion. I want love, and I chose love, manifest love with me.

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Our Relationship With Time

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Continuing from the previous chapter regarding our contained environment, we are highlighting how virtuous we feel and in our expression. We want to have a sense of stability in our homes, with family and in our common grounds socially so we are doing the most we can to feel that way. This is the time we may be placing a lot of direction in the home, Kids, its time to get that cleaning brush again.

Although we have been gaining a sense of direction, there are still a few tweaks in the mindset that remain. There are concerns regarding the direction set by authority; some feel confused, feeling there should be a clearer path. In a previous chapter, The Race We Run, I mentioned that when the country went into lockdown, it created different types of runners. Those who shot of the gate, grabbing opportunities that would gain benefits in the environment, then some had decided they will also run, however, waited to see what hurdles the first runners had to jump over. Then some had no intention of running; they never asked to be placed in a race. Even the fast runners are taking long enough water breaks to ask questions, all feeling as though they want to know how to adapt to their direction. The issue is our patience is ready for decisiveness thinking; however, we are still discovering our constraints and limitations in our relationship with time.

It is interesting to see how we navigate through these times, something we have never experienced before, and we are doing our best to remain logical and practical. And we love the concept of logic in the UK; it is instinctual for us to be logical first; however, there are those who believe if different solutions were introduced at within time frames, things would look differently. Logic always brings alternating theories. We will never know how different things would have been as we are here now, and there will always be different sides of a discussion. That is the beauty in the relationship of polarities; one side of critical thinking would not hold the strength it does if it did not have the alternative thought to combat.

Thank you for joining me in the last chapter discussing the season of sharp-minded Gemini, I’ll be back next week welcoming the Cancer season which starts on the 22nd of June.

Love Always Clarissa K

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Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people and their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns that exist in the spaces around us, which led me to astrology. My interest became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com

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