Emerging From Emotional Spaces

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Although I am going through the UK Transits and what is emerging from our emotional and energic spaces, I am aware that what we are directly going through also is a reflection of others. Other places in the world will be able to feel and connect with us as they too have the same goals and aspire to have opportunities just like we do, so I definitely think there will be some reflections across the oceans. And this will be the last chapter of the Taurus season, as we will be moving into the quick-thinking, need for stimulation Gemini season (22nd May – 21st June) from next week. Let’s Begin.

An Air Of Impatience

Transit: Capricorn Pluto 24° Square Natal Aries Ascendant 25°

During this time, what we are going to be really centred around ambition and our drive to move forward. What is met with this ambition is the sense of control and dominance, it is very empowering, and it really makes us move. Adding an air of impatience, it is as though we do not want to be held back in any the situation, as that would make us feel more contained. This sense of containment can be intensified within dynamics that highlight where we have control and where control has us. It helps us to focus on asking ourselves why we hold ourselves in challenging spaces, it could be a situation with work and what it looks like from another side of the table. It could be the things we aspire for and not feeling in line with achieving those things, questioning what the blocks are and how to move them. On the other side, some have been working really hard and gain recognition for their efforts which is due to their effectiveness in helping other people move forward. For some, they are increasing their sense of power through the use of systems, such as the legal system. They are determined to break the chains of vulnerability and burden, so there is a new dynamic where they have their own sense of control and freedom.

There can be some definite conflicts within partnerships in work dynamics, and personal relationships where a strong force is seen as stubborn and maybe too focused one point of view that does not consider. It could even lead to an obsessiveness due wanting to be on top, and in some cases, it is extreme. It can be harder to look at things in moderation because moderation does not have the urge to want it all, and some may want it now. They want all that they can be attracted right now, without realising their short term view is not ready for it all. I think most of us I can feel a sense of knowing something is coming and it creates a bubbling of anticipation that is reflected as ambition. This spark can appear suddenly, making them see the world differently, suddenly they are inspired, suddenly and they want to use their drive because of fear losing that drive. I am happy to say that this a long term feeling, it is about transformations, so we are allowed to plan, and we have time to act. It does channel into the things we care about and the things that we are good at. With the feeling of confidence to walk with a steady stride, it is excellent and considers the bigger picture, so it is not just reactionary. However, some find it is hard to change that feeling, and the need to react is compelled to project through their physicality. With the sense of containment, it may ignite the response to feel freedom in its extreme, where they want to completely reinvent themself and even have cosmetic procedures. Who is wanting new cheekbones? When we are so emotionally contained for a prolonged time, it can then project the opposite in actions where we want to jump straight over to the other side of the polarity into something in the extreme. There has to be a consideration of the bigger picture, so regarding health, it can be channelled into “Yes, can I lose those 8lbs” and bring a profound sense of empowerment.

This time speaks to what we want to do in the future can find contrast in anyone that stands in the way, they may not want to be there. Using this assertiveness, we can find it quite useful to direct the energy towards personal relationships as shyness has flown out of the window, and has set off the alarm bells attached to the things we unnecessarily hold on to. Again, there can be an element of extreme with the way we think that has forgotten the benefits of sensitivity. This time is about exploring the realm of subconscious thoughts and emotions, which means the hidden will be coming up to transformation the surface, and with it, the drive to create action. It may, at times, feel uncomfortable, and that is the point as this is when we adjust to make changes. It is truly a shifting time.

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Positive Reach Towards Growth

Transit: Capricorn Pluto 24° Opposition Natal Pisces Moon 25°

We really at are a place where we have to face ourselves and the emotions that we walk with every day, looking at our environment as this transformative aspect is projected as a nation and seen by the world. It really comes down to the relationships we have with ourselves and with those in our immediate environment. What is happening at home? The requirement of adjustment makes us see what issues are a priority, the clarity to see is enabling us to take responsibility in our personal relationships, recognising whether our habitual responses to situations are a positive reach towards growth. The intent of our actions speaks to the foundation that those relationships stand on. It is so easy to say that the dynamics of relationships are due to the position we are in now. However, it will not allow for that reason to sit for long as a fact, allowing us to look at ourselves and change the emotional projections that do not lead to solutions. There will be a feeling of where did it all start, and why pondering why we feel comfortable remaining in strained relationships. What emotions are gaining from staying there? Does it come from accepting feeling that way or the environment that always felt that way? Do we choose relationships based on the reflection or validation of emotions we recognise? What our relationships say can be a blanket cover for what we already expect? It could be due to past relationship patterns that we been through prior or seen in our environment. Dynamics where initially, there was a feeling of value and then lead to questioning of values. Was there a material element of the relationship that was attractive then lead to unearthing the real emotional intention? Maybe the dynamics in families could have a focus, based on conversations and questions surrounding where emotionally-lead solutions in the past have effects on the family now.

There are individuals definitely having thoughts of the changes they believe have to happen that are reflective of past experiences and connect to their identity and direction in life. As we are closer together, it seems at the moment we are blessed facing the reality of life, the time to reflect and deal with issues from a sense of continuing cycles and to adjust and dealt with them. We are addressing what we have to as the emotions continue to create different scenarios and situations, that show up when it is time to recognise what we are doing with my lives. Of course, issues can be so buried that in some cases will need professional advice. This is an excellent time to seek it, and there are many options to have a space to conversate, from Life Coaches, Therapist and Counsellors. Only we know why we process life in the way we do and sometimes as conservations can help finding the path to the answers. Our emotions have a relationship with the future, so teaching ourselves how to deal with some of the issues at the root can shape the way the future meets us.

Brilliance In Knowing

Transit: Cancer Node 1° Square Natal Libra Uranus 1°

I know for some, it feels like at the moment they are having a rough time, yet, we still have an instinctual feeling that is looking forward to experiencing freedom. There is nothing like feeling contained for our protection to make us feel connected to the sense of freedom. When we open our doors, and after we know it is safe, some will be running to breathe in the new air, embracing how much they feel in touch with themselves, it all becomes precious. And although the sense of restriction will not be gone entirely, we will become connected to a new sensation. We would have gained an understanding attached to a positive way of life, as now we are now valuing our environment and relationships so much more. I can completely relate to this feeling, I am quite enjoying the current sense of discovery and challenge, and I think I have had more ideas and thoughts of the future than I have in previous years.

Those who are ready to take the next step and spend more time on developing their ideas are going to be preparing to get them out there. It just means that I am going to have to get a new phone as the apps that are coming out need more respect than the space on my phone can give them. These new apps are paving the way to the point I look at them and think “What kind of mind came up with this? It is truly amazing. Furthermore, it is not just about our advancements in technology, there is filtering to everything we are connected to, such as food, our health, our relationships, our money, our attachment to the future. These ideas and concepts are already out there, requiring the opportunity to blossom. Some ideas needed an environment such as this to come active, it is the same with mindsets needing the environment to create a willingness to adapt. There is a growing understanding that somethings will remain in this time and could be considered as the final goodbye to the last decade. We see this all the time in different outlooks, in ages, different social groups and just the way we walk.

I believe I am quite lucky that I love technology; however, I also have a massive love of wellbeing, nature and the importance of having some understanding of biochemistry and metaphysics, so I can give my body quality sustenance. I can see the benefits of both technology, our connection with nature and how they both have an expectation of the future. We are going through a time where we recognise that readjusting the prioritises of our expectations is what is required from the future, giving us a sense of diligence regarding ideas and plans. Some are feeling the gift of time and will go through ideas while relating them to the structures around us. Involving everything from our relationships with finance, money, work-life, our children, our family, our health personal, and care. They are all coming into play on a collective level to have their value addressed and centred individually, making us more goal-oriented, more plan-oriented and more revenue-oriented.

Love Always

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Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people through their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns and the language that exists in the spaces around us, which led me to the world of unconscious thinking, Metaphysics and Astrology. My interests became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com


  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I am enlighten having stumbled into your site and article, I wished I have access to it before now, all thesame am glad I did now. Nevertheless there is a question I would love to ask , is there any relationship between emotions and stress, if yes what is the relationship ?. Anticipating answers, Regards.

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Edna, thank you for your comment. I am glad you found your way here, Sweets. There is definitely a connection between emotions and stress; there are many, many medical articles that support it as fact also. Emotions are part of the homeostasis of the body, our balance. Once out of balance, through stress or other emotional factors, the body will create a form of dis-ease. A way for the body to sound the “alarm bells” to help us acknowledge the imbalance, indicated to us through a symptom. Simply, it could be a lack of sleep; we know what it feels like when we are over-tired and irritated as we become more sleep-deprived. Alarm bells ignored over a long term can have significant effects, causing us to seek medical attention to solve the problem. It is a subject that can go much deeper, as it starts going into biochemistry, physiology, psychology, pathophysiology and even metaphysics. It is never-ending, just like the spectrum of our emotions, and just like the stress it can be applied in our lives.

      Thank you again for taking the time to visit 😊

  • Jomata

    Hello there, Really awesome article you got there, I must say you’re a very amazing writer and I like the way your paragraph are nearly linked to each other, though this is my first time of visiing your site i’d love to stop but again and again but however what’s your thought on emotional blackmail?

    • Clarissa K

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 Ohhhh emotional blackmail. It is a tool for some; for others, it is their shield. Everyone has the ability to manipulate others emotionally; we learn that as children. How many times did we tell Mummy we cannot eat a particular food because we were scared, or how many times did our Mummy/Daddy tell us to do or not do something, applying emotion, so we would respond in the way they wanted? It is right or wrong? And when does it matter? Only the person with the intention will know the true cost of the response.

  • Wina

    I don’t think I’ve ever read an astrology post as thorough as yours here! & what a delight to read it! 

    I love to read the spiritual side of me – even though I’m a Pisces I can still feel relatable to the post?? 

    I couldn’t agree more with the sentence “It really comes down to the relationships we have with ourselves and with those in our immediate environment”. It definitely is, if we’ve been always avoiding something at home or our surrounding, it’s a time where we have to face them.

    Would love to see more from you <3

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Wina, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I love Pisces, one of my best friends’ is a Pisces and I am grateful to her for some much in my life, I am sure you have friends who feel the same about yourself.

      It is thought that we are a reflection of the five people we attached to and regularly connect with. It makes you reflect on who we ask for advice and also who we go to for advice lol—making us understand how precious we should consider our immediate environment.

      I am really excited to create these blog posts, and I cannot wait to create more, thank you again for connecting.

      Big Smiles X

  • Karin Nauber

    It’s kind of funny how I came across your site. I was looking for information on my hometown, Clarissa, MN and your site was one of the search results. Since I am also very interested in health, wellness and overall wellbeing from all aspects of life and nature, I gave your site a read. I am glad I did.

    Did you study to become so knowledgeable in astrological things?

    Is the first transition an “Air of Impatience” always this way or do you think it is more so because of the current COVID-19 pandemic?

    I loved the “Positive Reach Towards Growth” section. It really spoke to me. This sentence grabbed me, “There are individuals definitely having thoughts of the changes they believe have to happen that are reflective of past experiences and connect to their identity and direction in life.” I have definitely been thoughts on the changes that have to happen to connect me with my direction in life!

    I appreciate your post/podcast and look forward to hearing/reading more!

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Karin, Thank you so much for your comment. I am so pleased that you were able to connect, it’s great. Yes, studies in Psychological Astrology at the Mercury School of Psychological Astrology, founded by Liz and John Green.

      The astrological patterns will translate into our lives in the way we will understand and respond. It certainly shows through the COVID-19, however, if we were not in our current environment, the feelings we are experiencing could be a reflection of something else, maybe something that we would believe is just as important. The emotional intention is the focus, how do our current emotions reflect in how we respond to each other, and our future? I am sure the view looks very different from even six months ago. The changes made in the transformation are not always comfortable. And as you mentioned, it is compelling you to reflect, accept and appreciate the changes you want to make.

      Sending love with your journey and thanks again for connecting.

      Kind Regards


      • Karin

        Thanks for your reply. I really do believe that my searching goes well beyond COVID-19 and the changes that has brought about. I often tell people I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis….except how can that be when I haven’t lived yet? LOL

        I appreciate your insights!


        • Clarissa K

          You would be surprised by the transitions that we have to go through, life does not just challenge us half way through, there are stages to our growth which happens through the evolution of our emotions. I am sure that you have lots of wise stories to tell 🙂

  • Lizzychris

    An amazing write up you have there on ” emering from emotional spaces”

    Your website is beautiful and catchy, an interesting site to be. I am new to the site, still trying to understand what it is all about, but I know it something I will love since it has astrology in it.

    probably I will visit recent posts to understand it properly.

    • Clarissa K

      Hey LizzyChris, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. Yes, you will really enjoy your experience, that is so much to gain and there are many you are can learn from. Great to connect with you, many thanks. 

      Kind Regards


  • Skuchmane

    Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I am so glad I got to see these post, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these article has been of great help to me, your content are of great quality, thanks for these exclusive article, I’ll surely do some recommendations..

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Skuckmane, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. Knowledge is such a great thing; it has the power to unbound our thoughts of limitation. Thank you so much for the encouragement, and I hope your research goes well.

      Kind regards Clarissa X

  • Awinikistevie

    Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. You are such an extensive writer and i enjoyed going through this article What caught my interest more was the ”positive reach towards growth”. It is very easy to be so used to the environment that we allow it determine our life, our actions and relationships. I realized that teaching ourselves how to deal with some of the issues at the root can shape the way the future meets us.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Awinikistevie, thank you for your comment. You are 100% right. In our day to day walk, we think less about what has already determined how we will react to things and what we will accept in our lives. Acknowledgement of that is just part of the process; also, it is the effort to make enough conscious changes that it becomes instinctual, it is a journey of transformation to the point it is not just our lives, it is our legacy. Thank you again X

  • freefromtheboss


    I wish I found your site a few years back when I had my awakening!

    I am a Scorpio and think that throwing people into the dead end in a way?!

    Clarissa, you know so much,people would pay alot of money for a inch of your knowledge. 

    The only question I have is, why are u not expanding?

    • Clarissa K

      Hi Free From The Boss, thank you so much for your comment. I cannot believe I am receiving great comments, such as yours, thank you beautiful Ms Scorpio. I started my podcast and blog four weeks ago, and I can honestly say I have been so use to hiding the emotional connection I have with the world, so I studied in silence. The global environment we have entered into placed me a position way it is my only way forward, this is the time to drop the chains of insecurity. Being a Scorpio moon, the scorpio energy creates its most decisive and dynamic movements in environment of pressure. I think the expansion will come, although maybe slowly at first, it is like building a relationship and I want to be the wife, not the girlfriend looool. Thank you so much, so glad to connect with you. X

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