Delve Into The Mercury Retrograde In Cancer Season July 2020

Hello and welcome to another episode of Clarissa K Explains It, and I am so pleased that you could join me in the space, where we have the opportunity to share some time with each other again. I have been excited to share with you what is happening, and this week focuses on Mercury and its journey through the Cancer season in June and July 2020. And of course, we get a little bit emotional because it is Cancer Season, as that is what the Cancerian sign connects to, the heart, helping us to explore the inner aspects of our feelings. The water sign goes straight to the matter of our emotions and can take us to our outstanding issues, so we may understand what our needs want to focus on.

What are the dates for Mercury retrograde in 2020?

June 18 to July 12

The Pre-Shadow began on June 2, and the Post-Shadow will end July 26. The Pre-Shadow is the energetic preparation made towards Mercurys turning points in the Retrograde cycle, creating for us an awareness of the effects to its most definitive feelings. The Post-Shadow, in turn, is the energetic preparation made in the outward journey, creating a sense of forwarding momentum with a gained awareness brought into our consciousness.

What does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde 2020?

Three times a year, the Mercury journey around the Sun appears to be pulled back through its obit own, to transit over the space it has already travelled, this is known in Astrology as the Mercury RetrogradeWho knows why this happens, however, it is quite interesting to acknowledge as it can imply that there may be a karmic tie to this or a reason why. Examining the concept of review and reflection, the Mercury Retrograde motion can make us focus on what we have to revisit, especially in terms of communication. Adding to this, we are currently experiencing a rare and profound retrograde season with five other planets in a review and reflect motion, making changes we will never forget. 2020, who knew?

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Is the Mercury Retrograde an illusion?

As a planet, busy Mercury moves the fastest around the Sun, travelling at such speed that it can take 88 days to orbit the Sun. During its transit around the Sun, it enters a retrograde phase, occurring three times a year, during this phase from our perspective, Mercury creates the illusion of changing its motion into reverse rotation. 

How will Mercury Retrograde affect communication?

In Astrology, Mercury is considered the messenger between the subconscious and conscious with associations of being the Trickster, the master of games. When in the Mercury Retrograde this links directly with the motion in our world of communication. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and our planet of information, communication and anything that is considered fast-moving, has a relationship between the head and mouth connection that feels free, this could be problematic in a Mercury Retrograde. Previous conversations that had an emotional trigger could be brought up, and in the least, our frustration with the workings of electronics will increase, making us find more time to spend in attending to the details.

Who is least affected by the Mercury Retrograde?

Those who are born in the retrograde period are less affected by the energies presented in the Mercury Retrograde cycles. These are the people that may always have an inner sense of reviewing life, often naturally looking over the work of others, experiencing a concentration of life events that can feel like constant evaluation. For everybody else, there is a sense being pulled back to issues that either/and need a reorganisation of order, reviewing, or reestablishing of past situations that require effort that ends.

What not do during Mercury Retrograde 2020

Mercury and its relation to speed and communications, is energetically travelling through spaces that cannot be seen with the naked eye. During the Mercury retrograde, we will experience interruptions it can make us pay attention to detail, placing caution about plans that use movement and involve moving forward. This can include travel plans and items that utilise electrical connections and signals. When we fly on a plane, we travel in the sky through space we can only sense through movement until we see land and our final destination; likewise, electrical connections are only seen by us when indicated to have a specific use, such using a mobile phone, devices even wifi and vehicles. 

Happy Birthday Cancerians!!

Dedicated to beautiful cousin, Chanelle. Happy Birthday X

What happens to agreements made in Mercury Retrograde?

As Mercury relates to our communication, during the Mercury retrograde, it is also connected to our caution of words, especially in agreements. The sound of each word creates an energetic expression of the language we are communicating, carrying with them the use of our emotional intent, only felt through the response of our hearing.

The Mercury retrograde places caution over these agreements, even if signed and secured, for some reason agreements made during this time may face a level of inconstancy. At this time, the energy within a contractual agreement is conceived in a period of energetic reflection, which could create an unravelling experienced down the line. Usually having an attachment to unresolved personal karmic issue, further creating a relationship of reflective consideration. We all believe when we get into an agreement, we feel as though we are ready to say yes, however, during the retrograde time and the sense of reversal means a yes has a subconscious energetic magnetism to a yet unknown reason. In the Mercury Retrograde, agreements will face an inclination of unpredictability reflected from the influence of a reversal in motion. Imagine the idea of walking backwards for 30 minutes, what would happen during that time?

It is fascinating, as when it relates to speed and communications, it also reflects in those we are closely connected to, such as our siblings, family, friends and neighbours. Within these relationships, discussions are going to be very contemplative of the emotions held in the heart, and communications are going to connect deeply.

How will Mercury Retrograde affects us in July 2020?

When the highly metallic and commutative energy of Mercury enters into the water sign Cancer season, the discussions taking place will naturally have a big emphasis on the heart and home, shining reflectively to create focus. This Mercury Retrograde period is taking the 2nd of its three annual retrograde cycles, and during this round, it is governed by the sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Let’s discuss what this means. 

The Cancer zodiac sign and its relation to the Moon, have a bond with femininity and our emotions. In astrology, the Moon shows what influences are feelings of security, involving how and where we feel comfortable expressing our feelings. The Moon highlights our relationship with our Mother, the relationship with our inner sense of femininity, our concept of womanhood and motherhood, where we find reflections of our Mother in other aspects of life, and can even show in our relationship with food, noted as a bonding experience with our Mother. The Cancer season shows what can fuel our unconscious thoughts hidden in the depth of our emotions, and when transiting Mercury is governed by this energy, we will communicate how will feel, expressed with our own connection and concept of femininity.

Not only are we in the Cancerian season, Mercury will be transiting the 4th house of the United Kingdom, which is the Cancer house of home, family and motherhood, it is also where the Moon of the UK is placed. Imagine that. This indicates the UK has a SUPER strong heart connection to the concept of home, also relating to country, tradition, nature and animals. Being emotionally influenced by the past with affection for antiquities, the family tree, finding stability and reliability in family honour.

At this time, in the UK, we could be discussing topics relating to family and matters surrounding what our children are feeling. This ties into the issue regarding schools as, at the moment, children are mainly at home, creating an alternative to traditional school life. Being the circumstances for a few months and with a continued general fear, Mothers may find a voice that expresses the effects this is having on their children and themselves. In the relationship of motherhood, the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer in the fourth house can also be a karmic time for Cancer-based topics. Bringing hard issues to the surface, relating to the home we grew up in, where some are getting the chance to let their emotions be heard. Just with every Mercury retrograde, there is an opportunity to start with one thought or feeling and take the gift of reflection, renew and reconciliation. That start can be the sign to make sure we are ready to free our mind and honour our heart. Let’s delve a little further into the detail.

Does the Mercury Retrograde relate to karma?

In the UK, it can seem as though we have a love of karmic relationships as there is a big emphasis on reflecting how we want to feel in our lives. The Mercury Retrograde in June and July 2020, transiting Cancer in the fourth house, creates a further reflective dynamic between the past and the future. We may try to look deeply into our own personal history, our national history, taking elements to understand and find conversations that discuss the power and importance of a forward direction.

What is the strongest influence of the Mercury Retrograde in July 2020?

The journey of the Mercury through the Retrograde cycle in the Cancer season already makes communication very quick on the tongue. When the energy of Mars in Aries is thrown into the mix, there can be a quick response to sensitivity conversations, this is especially the case in dynamics where there is a perceived dominance or a need for dominance.

Surrounding the nature of the Cancerian energy and the moon connection to femininity, conversations regarding femininity and the responsibilities of womanhood could see a clash when there is a negative masculine projection. Seen as women versus men topics, emotions may become high when involved in perceived aggression, increasing intolerance in the contrast of opposites. To me, this is just passion lol, there is a need for opposite energies as is it part of our duality as human beings. Coming alive in our environment from time to time, so that we may be able to discuss the ever-changing roles of partnership and the concept of individualism. It is really nothing new, we can have those discussions about all day no? That is how we get what we want done.

I will be exploring further the journey of Mars and Venus through the Cancer Season, exciting.

Does the Mercury Retrograde bring back people from the past?

One of the insightful things about Cancerians, and I know from personal experience, is that they remember everything, I mean everything. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is going through the space that may mean having conversations where memories are picked out of the air, events that we don’t even remember, or have any connection to emotionally. However, somehow one memory can make attempts to eclipse the present and be made relevant to right now. Opinions that may want to relate to the past, can all of a sudden find a way to be the things that need review.

This may feel as though it is presented as a challenge, with those involved wanting to get their version of events established. When we try to pick at an old emotion from memory lane and make it related to the present, there are possibilities of miscommunication. Further leveraging between restrictiveness and understanding about those reasons connected the emotion in the memory, which the past may feel entitled to know. It is an excellent time to think over different methods of communication to be ready, and the UK love to do this, I call it review and grace, the usual term is Keep Calm and Carry On

What can Mercury Retrograde teach us this time?

Relating to the Mercury Retrograde which happens three times a year, each one of the cycles gives us the time to reflect in that space and just like the cycle, it does not try to stay in that space, it is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. This Jully 2020 is the best time to go back and renew the whispers of promise in the things we said we were going to do, in the love we said we were going to have for each other, in the lessons we were going to learn together, in the vowels we said we made to each other, in the ties we said we were going to bond, and in the relationships, we said we were going to mend. This is a time to make sure we do it. The reviewing of life can present a sign that there is power in reflection, renew and reconciliation.

Retrograde Poetry
Thank you so much for joining me

 To read more about the sign of Cancer and the Cancer season, you can read the previous chapter here, The Queenship In Our Relationships, where I explored the journey of the Moon through the Cancer Season. 

For a voice connection, you can join me on my podcast Clarissa K Explains It All at iTunes or Spotify, and I look forward to connecting with you next week, where I will interpreting the journey of Mars and Venus, this is the focus on relationships and sex in the Cancer season.

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