Hello and thank you for visiting, my name is Clarissa K and I am so pleased that you could be here with me in this space. If this is your first time here, then thank you so much for finding me and taking the chance to delve in. And if this your returning visit, WOW, thank you for continuing to hold my hands and grow together through this journey, it is wonderful.

Reactivating And Interacting

I am loving the routine of delivering the messages to you, and this chapter focuses on the moon. The moon is directly related to our emotions, speaking to how we feel daily, and shows up in how we react when we lead with our emotions. These are the emotions we held contained by the memories of events that moved through our lives, later projected by us and reflected onto us. Looking at the journey of the moon this month revealed 39 main configurations. We do not even have that many days in the month, so it gives us a great understanding of how much we go through on an emotional basis. Our emotions are like different chemical compounds all in a petri dish, reactivating and interacting in such a little space, bumping into each other based on attraction and repulsion. I know, not as easy as it sounds; however, I love to go into this space to layout where it affects our day, helping us to see the effects on our future.

Creatures Of Habit

Transit: Moon Sextile Saturn

We are starting the month really well, we are in good spirits and feel as though we are getting into the groove of life and the environment we are in, reserving lots of room for an optimistic look on life. We really are getting used to comfortable elements that come with our day to day mindset. Initially, we were in shock, however, being creatures of habit, we have been able to find ways to really settle into the environment that are going through, seeing how it can be a benefit, some are even glad to explore the new sensation within this environment. They enjoy staying at home with all things that make them comfortable around them, finding the best ways to communicate with family, which proved not to be as challenging as once thought. We have become closer through our means of communication, directly relating to having more emotional energy to give to family needs. We also do not have to go through the process of entering into another environment filled with memories, acting as unconscious emotional triggers, they can now just concentrate on remaining in the present, focusing on care and empathy, content on feeling closer to family.

Themes of vitality are expanding as we are becoming more accepting of the concept of possibility. The optimism creates habits we can eventually become comfortable with, showing opportunities that were not there before; we could not see them for what they meant. Some are looking at areas of their life completely different; maybe their diet is transforming, deepening the connection to food, and playing a role with how we feel. Some are moving out of the quiet, which is good, and they are vocalising their goals and the things they intend to do, they are acknowledging routes. Some of us may be feeling that, although there are blocks, they have confidence in themselves and the ability not to let the view of resistance take over their vision. Resistance may not be there, only really appearing as a projection of the doubt in our inner voice. We all go through the same version of the conversations with ourselves, playing out differently relating to what we know. Some are walking their path with others, concerned more with the community aspect, where people want to be optimistic together. They may share material, or spiritual goals and how to grow, develops new actions, becoming open with others as openness increases their level of clarity, creating a willingness to shares their most profound insights.

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Adjustments For A Structured Mind

Transit: Moon Trine Neptune

I am really enjoying my family closeness, and over WhatsApp, it is super funny. Family is the part of the foundation of where it emotions begin, they are the first soul connections in our lives, so when things feel difficult, it can have a deeper effect then we could realise. This connection to our emotional openness is helping us to become in touch with our empathy towards each other. It is helping us with our creativity and intuition, making us have more empathic and understanding in conversations.

Another thing we are really aware of is trying not to overeat, the struggles!! I usually have a routine poster on my fridge that I tick off each day, and with the lack of gym, it has affected my normal way of eating. This new sedentary-esque lifestyle and changing of activities can create issues on a structured mindset, having to adjust. It is easy to procrastinate, and we are trying not to let ourselves be led astray by food because of the comfort it brings. At the moment, resisting lemon sorbet is proving very difficult for me. Although, I am finding this environment empowering on the emotions and allowing reconnection with ourselves, the routine of what was it missed. If there was a combination of both, maybe that would work, or maybe that is my answer for everything. We will see.

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Coming Soon

Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people through their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns and the language that exists in the spaces around us, which led me to the world of unconscious thinking, Metaphysics and Astrology. My interests became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here. www.mercuryinternetschool.com

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