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Clarissa K Explains It All Podcast - Relationships, Sex, Love and Dating, Part 1

Hi Lovelies, my name is Clarissa, and I am a podcaster for a show called Clarissa K Explains It All, yes my teenage years were from the mid to late ’90s lol. My Podcast show is about love, life and relationships inspired by Spirituality and Astrology. 

What Is Clarissa K Explains It All Podcast & Blog About?

Clarissa K Explains It All Podcast tells in weekly episodes, an interesting moving Astrologer story about our journey through life, love, relationships, intimacy, people, society and wellness, that connects with all. Through astrology, I use the birth chart of the United Kingdom as a tool to interpret the energy of the relationship within people, with the interaction of the transiting signs, in relation to the aspects zodiac signs and placements of the planets. As seen on Her Luxury Wellness, The Podcast is also accompanied by a complementing blog where I creatively go further into that particular Podcast episode, and also inspired by the astrological seasons, ranging from spirituality, relationships and sex. You can check out blog posts here, https://herluxurywellness.com, I welcome comments and feedback, thank you.

Previous Episode: What Is The Definition Of Love? Mars Symbolism
What Is The Called Clarissa K Explains It All Podcast Aim?

My aim is to offer unique solutions to women regarding wellness. I believe our relationship with our own emotions is fundamental to our environment and the experiences we attract into our life. The introduction of Podcasting has helped to increase the presence for my Wellness website and at the same time given me the platform to open up about my knowledge regarding our emotional awareness, utilising my qualification in Psychological Astrology and my gift of intuition. 

I am happy that I found Podcasting or that Podcasting found me lol, as it was by chance that I saw a message on LinkedIn, at the beginning of the UK lockdown, suggesting I should try Podcasting. I am happy to embrace what feels like a new arena, it feels very creative and emotionally rewarding. 

So What Is Her Version Of Love, Her turn-ons, Her Ideal In The Sex Life With Her Partner?

Every woman believes love, attraction and sex should be part of the relationship with their partner, where one’s needs in partnerships create challenge, intrigue and romance. Tastes that bond an understanding in their desire for connection, a perspective where love can create images for the mind, interest for the flesh, and content for the soul. Love enhances their role and routine that becomes answers to the things that were once only description, then supersede the space reserved for thoughts in the section of issues. In her sex life, she will have a response to her desires when she can step one way into experiences that take her on a journey into depth. In that conversation of light, she shows her heart, where it lives in the feelings of balance between patterns of passion, and the energies of variety. In her world, she reveals the nature of her psyche, linking the awareness of her feminine sexuality, where affections of spontaneity create another level of intimacy.

What Are The Type Of Things That Matter To Her About That Someone?

She wants to share a beautiful relationship with a love partner, the interaction of their personality results in a lover of the mind. The style in their compatibility loves their traits as individuals while viewing their life as partners on the same page, reading the book called, “The Potential of Everything”. She chooses to look at qualities that last, the role of their strengths in a situation, action combined with the state of relevance, and where caring for others is not just a demeanour, it is a pleasure from the heart. A heart that knows what love is.

What Can Astrology Offer A Solution In Relationship Advice?

The knowledge discovered about love through relationship astrology can help exercise how to value the individual concept a person has about love and marriage. Using spiritual awareness as resource tools, the information about our versions of love can make a connection in areas higher than matter. Through the exploration of your birth chart, you can discover the link between the aspects of yourself that attract love interests, the activities in love pursuits, and your ideas of success in love and in a partnership. Further understanding of our love signs, can develop positive connections to the perception of love, aligning with the intention of creating a beautiful love life.

The Clarissa K Daily Mantra

Creating  A Beautiful Canvas From Within

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