Can Astrology Help A Person Sex Life? The Language Of Astrology

Yes, you can gain more understanding of your sexual desires and connection to sex. For example, a persons birth chart can show their demeanour to have a contrasting perspective to their belief about sex. For instance, a Sun in Virgo Zodiac person may have a methodical, reserved or even shy tendencies; however, with their 8th House as Sagittarius sign, they may regard sex as a fun and adventurous activity with their partner, desiring heightening sexual experiences. Whereas, with their 8th House as Scorpio, they will go to a space in intimacy that no other sign will go, taking their partner to deeper depths.

Our astrological aspects can also indicate the energy that flows through a person’s sexual drive, for instance, a square between a person’s Mars to their Venus can show as a reflection, a hard dynamic in their relationship with a partner, creating a reactive trigger. A man with his Venus in the Gemini sign may require communicative stimulation to keep his interest, creating a space that needs options. Whereas a man with his Venus in the Libra sign will aim to create beautiful moments in their relationship, reflecting the dedication of their partnership, while maintaining the balance. Then throw Pluto into the mix with Venus, and it creates a deepening of emotional exploration related to its desires, in its extreme can creating obsessive relationships. Where some want sex with personality, others will prefer sex with practicality, where some like the idea of relationship reflecting what they saw from their parents, others will prefer relationships that are two of a kind. Some want sex that invigorates their beauty and health, whereas others can want sexual experiences where they feel like students of life and sex leads them to sexual transcendence – Scorpio sign in the 9th house.

In my own chart, I am a Sun in Capricorn zodiac sign, which would indicate that I am structured in my outlook about life while having an understanding of the relationship with our internal and external environment. Yes, I see you there Capricorns lol. Our approach to love is commitment and longevity. Further diving into my chart, however, shows I am highly Scorpionic, with lots of 8th house placements (the 8th house is like living in Scorpio’s land, and everything you touch in that land is Scorpionic) as well as planets in Scorpio (So they will act and reflect their intention through Scorpionic qualities), adding to that, I have the big bomb! Lol. Pluto in the 8th house (Pluto is the Ruler of the Scorpio sign) Yikes!! Lol. Honestly, it is not that scary, I do not really know any different from the way it feels, it just means that I am energetically connected to deep experiences and understand that there is no light unless there is dark. It is part of our relationship with the law of polarity.

We distinguish our beautiful and joyful experiences from the experiences we compare those experiences to. I love it, the best part is that I can hear anything of shock value from friends and be unfazed lol. The hardest thing is feeling the pain when tapping into the experience of others. People go through so much emotionally, and we seemingly want the smallest things from life; however, the journey embraces us all differently.

If the water is symbolism for our emotions, imagine being a river stream. Where do the emotions lead us if it is not being used to grow what needed in lives? Water always goes back to the ocean, an entity that 70% of Earth, that is a lot of emotions lol.

Can Astrology tell me if I love sex more than most?

Psychological Astrology is a deeper analysis of our connection to the energies around us and the influence they have. Indeed, there are indicators that can suggest someone may have an increased desire for sex than others. Through astrological birth charts, there are a lot that links to the answer of how a person is connected to sex, it highlights how different everyone is in their beliefs regarding attraction.

In some cases, the feeling that suggests the thoughts of having higher sexual need in the bedroom activities can also speak to something else unrelated to sex, relating more to the sense of power, desire, or even control.

The Connection To The Feminine - The Clarissa K philosophy

She believes that her world shows reflections of how she feels. So she chooses to feel special, to feel adored, to feel like a Queen with self-love, respect and care. She is a woman who only wants the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.

What About Dating Apps, Is It Recommended?

I am quite serious about wanting to finder a partner, so I am not really drawn to the high volume, quick dating apps. I have tried them in the past and found some of them overwhelming, not to say that they are wrong, it is just my personal preference. I just want to ask my time and get to know someone.

The dating app that I am currently using is called LUXY, which is the leading dating App for high-quality singles and is part of the exclusive and Members-Only dating apps category.

I found the Luxy App online when I searched for the “Best Dating Apps” and went through the list and Luxy stood out. It was when I saw “If you are ambitious, driven, successful and attractive,” in one of their reviews, I thought “Hi, Me, Over here please, Thank you,” I am ambitious, I am definitely driven which makes me feel successful every day. And attractive? Well, I may have some appeal lol. I was voted in by the other users, nice… thank you, lol.

What Do I Really Think About Dating?

I believe it is all about having a mindset and believing how much you value yourself. I have come into an understanding that in my life, I have to manifest the things that I want. I feel as though I have been awakened to this understanding about my life to be able to have the mindset that shows others that you can have gain. The vision in your mind that you have, you can achieve. With focus and love for what we do in our heart, I believe anything is possible. Dreamy? Cliche’? Yes definitely, in the practical world, however, we are not based 100% in the practical, that would be absolutely boring, no? We romanticise life all the time, and I do not mind, I cannot wait to devote my love to love.

What Do I Really Think About Dating?
Can We Really Find True Love On A Dating App?

Of course! If the intention is to find true love. We all want success in every area of our lives, however, first, there has to be an appreciation for what life experience has taught us so far. Part of our lessons in life can be seen as successes in themselves, as the awareness and maturity they bring into focus can make us grateful for those experiences, and I feel happy about that. I feel so glad that I have been blessed with an understanding that only I can have through the experiences I went and continue to go through.

The value within ourselves is a reflection of the emotional containers held within our conscious and unconscious beliefs. If we believe we are not worthy or do not appreciate our own value, how can anyone else see us in that way? Those are the thoughts connected to emotions that try to get in the way of life, asking us to prove that we do value ourselves and that we do see our life purposefully. As the belief of success grows, so will the reflection of success increases.

I sometimes wonder about the living breathing story of myself right now. To be a spiritual woman who feels so empathically connected to nature and the environment around me, to be also the same woman that has to be energetically fuelled all the time, displaying an ambitious drive to achieve the vision in my mind. A vision that helps all and my award, finding love. How crazy is that?

What Will You Experience On The Luxy Dating App?

The Luxy has been really good and insightful for me, as I have communicated with those from different walks of life, adding the sense of the importance of widening the view about love and the type of partner I would like to attract. So I continue to explore in the hope that my true love is there, I believe it is possible.

Luxy has been featured on numerous national media outlets such as Business Insider, CNBC, ABC, Financial TimesCNN, and has also been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

At Luxy, you can swipe & browse through the selected potential matches. Luxy has created a verification process that can offer guaranteed the best user community in the dating app experience.

What Must-Have Online Dating App Features Does Luxy offer Help You Gain An Edge?

There are three areas to explore on Luxy, the first area brings free access and uses to features:

  • Browsing and connecting to users nearby within a nearby radius.
  • Anonymously Swipe a preferenced user to the right or Swipe Left to continue the search for love.
  • Unlimited messaging between matches.
  • Virtual gifts can be sent to love interests send free.

A Luxy BLACK upgrade can heighten the Luxy exclusive membership experience, with features including:

  • Browsing profiles anonymously, with only preferred choices having access to view your profile.
  • A greater selection of profiles cards to view each day, increasing the chances of finding a matching.
  • Advanced filters that create more targeted search options.
  • Unlimited messaging to users.

Luxy PLATINUM is the ultimate!

  • Gaining three months of Luxy BLACK privileges.
  • Your profile card will always be on top priority, increasing the chances of love finding you.
  • High profile exposure on the browse page.
  • Luxy PLATINUM has only 7 spots of membership available in each city.
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Do You Want Dating Advice?

Question your heart and mind for what it is you want to achieve in life and love, then reverse engineer to the point you are at now and adjust your energy accordingly to match the needs of that vision, never being deterred. When you have a connection to that feeling, switch it on and let it power you, while continuing to have a relationship with yourself, allowing your intuition to confirm and validate your direction is correct. Sweetheart, this is called the manifestation of love. And of course, check it on the Luxy Dating App from time to time lol.

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