Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and leads us into a new astrological year, and with the Aries “I am” approach to life, there is the youthful energy of Spring. Aries does not want to be bound by structure, with their only rule being to feel passion, express freewill and show the art of decisiveness. Let’s explore further.


When Does Aries Start?

The Aries season starts on March 21 until April 19. 


What Does The Aries Star Sign Mean?

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries can be considered a leader and to be a leader, they have a natural magnetism that draws people towards them. The Aries zodiac sign has to interact and express. If there is no movement in their life, they can find ways to make movement happen through physical or emotional contact. The Aries zodiac sign belongs to the fire element, a cardinal sign, ruled by the planet Mars represented by the Mars symbol (♂), depicted as a circle with an arrow emerging from it, either pointing upwards towards north or at an angle to the upper right. In a birth chart, Mars can show where a person’s drive is often focused, how it is used in their environment. The two versions of this symbol for Mars represent the shield and the spear and similarly representing the metal iron.


Ruling Planet: Mars

In Astrology, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Its placement in a person’s birth chart shows where their drive is focused and how they react when stimulated by passion; it is our relationship with our masculine force. For a woman, it shows the type of masculine energy she attracts, what she projects as masculine in her partner, and where she searches for the masculine energy in her environment. Also showing where she plays out her own masculinity, how she uses it for herself, the element of her that expresses her drive.

Mars is known to have a malefic presence and is characterised as the warrior or the destroyer; however, Mars is not a one-dimensional negative influence. When the characteristics of Mars relate to the influence of power, there is detachment to the characteristics of war; the traits can be applied to purpose. The expression of purpose can range from anger to desire, free will, hope and intention. Mars is the fire in the belly, bringing the extra drive to overcome and conquer inner and external battles. Mars energy fights to overcome life’s trials and tribulations. This influence over Aries gives them the confidence and ability to overcome, succeed and allow themselves to live in their authentic presence.


The Personality of an Aries, Explained

Aries has a conscious and unconscious relationship with love, drive, and passion embodied in their pursuits, creating the will behind the actions they consider important. Aries understand the importance of reaction. They always feel they are called to energetically serve their needs, whether gaining more understanding within the search of knowledge or defending what they believe is their truth. Aries understand that our heart may feel one way; however, the drive that stirs within our desires can feel another. They may not feel the same, and in an instance, they can decide which will lead. Mars, the ruling planet for Aries, is known as the red planet. Even the colour red associated with Mars often signifies heat and passion fuelled emotions, all in their opposing extremes. Love, passion, desire can become strength, power, danger and war. The colour red enhances our metabolism, increasing our respiration rate, raising our blood pressure. Mars, who was observed as the God of war in ancient mythology, would practice a power mindset, rejecting anything regarded as weak. The entity goes into the battle with no mind on anything other than having the upper hand and winning. In another sense, Mars can be regarded as an influential and powerful strategic military leader, skilled in the art of war, having the ultimate plan to defeat the enemy.


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How To Attract An Aries

For Aries, there is an importance of having those who are like-minded around them. They like it when those around them create definitive plans, and in those plans, their voice must be heard. Aries love a relationship where their energy is highly appreciated, where there is room for their assertiveness and expression, and where the air is filled with a sense of purpose. They would like a renewal of heat in love where there is a discovery of new concepts, adding to their outlook of following their heart’s desire.


What Aries Does Not Like In Relationships

Many sleep studies have observed the Moon’s influence, findings by that during the full Moon, it clinically siAn over contemplation of feelings if they are not aimed towards their goals. If the expression of words in a relationship often does not follow a process of action, they will lose sight of their purpose in the relationship. They need movement, they need an igniting start or a continuing expression of dynamic love; if it has not felt that way, it could have led to some relationships being on the brink of separation. gnifies changes to sleep, including a prolonged time to get to sleep due to the reduced of Delta waves brain activities. In the studies observed in Elsevier Sleep Medicine – Volume 15, Issue 11, of the 224 persons who had their sleep study done during moon phases, 82% of those studied during the full Moon were associated with lower sleep efficiency. Making the results of the study support the full moon phase association affecting our need for deep sleep.


Ruling House: First

The first house’s energy in a birth chart brings a sense of self-awareness and indicates our ability to navigate our external environment and physical presence. The first house represents our interaction with our concepts of all relationships through conscious intentions, self-expression, and physical connection. Planets placements in this house will create a concentrated focus on expression and interaction with our environment.


Aries' Greatest Challenges

When Aries is triggered by the heat of passion, it can be an unstoppable force, and depending on the positive or negative charge will then determine the outcome. Aries becomes easily bored when they do not have something to aim for, and if the feeling of a forwarding motion is removed. If Mars is alone, without the interaction to stimulate them, their energies can quickly turn inwards and become detrimental. They can be viewed as single-minded as their vision must be upheld, suggesting to go a different way without a strategic plan will see that plan dismissed. They have to allow room for compromise to work together. where they will realise in unison they can create an even better strategy that everyone benefits from.


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