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A Feel-Good Stimulation

Transit: Venus in Gemini 13° Sextile Natal North Node in Aries 13°

Now there is a continuing theme that is quite creative, it is attached to our potential and what we think of potential is. It is quite contrary to the assumption that due to the environment we going through we will be doing things mainly based on survival. Instead, there is an underlying need derived from creativity as we are feeling more inspired and encouraged to develop skills. Maybe our friends are introducing new activities into their lives and they seem more happy and content. We are seeing how we operate and where there is room for our changes and our own version of happiness. We may have been speaking of wanting to look at things from a different perspective and now, cannot think about anything else. It is also about developing potential future relationships that are positive and inspiring in some way.

The Feeling Of Association

Transit: Venus in Gemini 13° Sextile Natal North Node in Aries 13°

The feeling of being open to a new direction is connected to looking at our past motivations and why we have allowed things to continue in a certain way. We can see how things fit together when facing a particular direction, allowing us to get rid of confusion, making us recognise that if we dislike something, it can go. The things to let go could relate to old feelings that were held for too long, for example, feelings of envy. Maybe we felt as though we were always looking at someone else’s happiness, to now realise we have always been able to discover our own. Maybe for some, it was an unconscious reason to hold themselves back and now in what seems in an instant, they have changed the way they feel about that association. It could feel inspiring now, it could feel encouraging, it could feel as though our happiness has arrived and dreams are within reach.


Transit: Venus in Gemini 13° Sextile Natal North Node in Aries 13°

Flashing back to when I mentioned our connection to the past, there is part of this that leads to feelings of nostalgia. You may be already feeling it, the thoughts about a previous love relationship, an old flame and a reflection on where things could have been if …….fill the gap. What if things did work out? For some, it is the wondering that brings the situation into reality, with a message either directly or through conversation with another. Most realise they would have a different mindset and behaviour if they were living in the alternative, so it is more about acceptance. It is the gentle closing of the door while releasing what was from the heart, the clarification or reinforcement it has brought creates a remedy to the thoughts of the mind.

Where would We be without polarities?

Transit: Venus in Gemini 16° Opposite Natal Mercury in Sagittarius 18°

This is only my second blog entry so we have not got to the stage where you know that I like to develop the whole picture. This means that I do not just offer the pretty aspects of life, as there is always going to be the other side. It appears so we can make the distinction. We always ask for the good yet is part of our walk to experience the polarities of life, so here it is. Some of us already have a conflicting feeling which derives from overstimulation over the mind. The basis of this overstimulation can be connected to any given reason, however, what it highlights is the way we feel in our interaction with others. It arises quickly when a personal issue is discussed, a passionate response to how we feel, and it sends the mind into a rationale that only has one point of view. Thoughts develop and are brought to the surface that transform into debates, where the point of view is so attached to being right and strong it comes across as stubborn. Conversations may repeat without realising, adding to what could appear as pressure.

It can be quite difficult to communicate our actual emotions at this time as everything is coming out so fast and feels like there is no end in sight. Where normally conversations are avoided, not now, the emotions feel like they have joined forces with a warrior and rebellious spirit. It is here to help us realise the situation we are in or have been in. The thoughts question what is becoming a long term issue. What will be enough to make us realise that a certain direction does not support our heart’s desire? What will be enough to make us look for our own solution?

Grounding Ambition

Transit: Venus in Gemini 18° Sextile Natal Saturn in Leo 23°

Let’s make it light again, our beautiful Venus is making us feels connected to valuing our actions. Again, we may be searching within ourselves and talking with those who may see our talents more than we do in ourselves. It helps us to emotionally attach to what we have been thinking and can courage us to discover how to apply our ambition into our lives. Some may want to develop their talents because they feel there is the opportunity to discover, either through study or self-exploration. Even if we feel as though our talents do not show up in a conventional setting, the feeling is driven from the heart so maybe some of us have become more supportive and encouraging to others, that in itself can lead to elevation. It is though the thoughts of ambition have become grounded and all of the suddenly can feel like it is time to see a new beginning. Activity in creating grounded actions to pursue our ambitions, from conversations to the details, start to make every new day look different.

The Goal & The Other

Transit: Mars in Aquarius 15° Trine Natal South Node in Libra 13°

We have an aspect where it concerns a heart-driven by a goal and is accompanied by the dynamics of partnership. One side there is the direction we want to go in and the other is reflected in the eye of our partner. Some have thoughts of the bigger picture while their partner may or may not share their vision, this would be dependant on the continuing dynamic of the relationship.

How we feel towards our heart-driven goal will have a direct impact when considering how to pursue it. If their partner is not as supportive as hoped, it could then lead to a dream being harder to establish. However, if our partner is our cheerleader than it could add extra motivation to the direction. This aspect highlights two areas in our life, our feeling of purpose, the reflection of our partnerships, and considers whether they can coexist together. Asking questions on how to either blend or separate so both areas can remain positive and grow. Where some will require partnerships as a fuel of positive motivation, others will require detachment to motivate their ambition which helps to enrich their relationship.

It is to help us to understand that support is shown in different ways and we are also driven by different motivations. If we told our partner we wanted to introduce an idea into their lives that would create new actions, how would our partner response? Adding to that, what would our own response be? Would it be fuelled or discouraged? How does that motivation that channel into our ambitions?
Either way, we feel unstuck, as though we know what we would like to do, there is a drive to develop and we will do it in a way that suits ourselves.

Indulging In Control

Transit: Jupiter in Capricorn 26° Opposite Natal Moon in Pisces 25°

In the previous blog, I highlighted a feeling that expands and is very much dependant on how we feel in our continued day to day expression. For example, I had a task that I had managed to put off completing for days as there was no real deadline set. I would let each day go by to the point it created so much irritation in my soul, I could no longer listen to the conversations in my mind rationalising not to rush as there was no deadline. I felt as though I was holding myself back in procrastinating thoughts, I then sprung head-on into my task completing it in what felt like no time at all. The energy can help to drive us into the get-up and go action, however, it can first lead us into overindulging to the point even that could feel controlling. For instance, when we become aware that we are reaching for the fridge doors a bit too often, convincing ourselves that it is just for today, and knowing we will probably have the same the conversation with ourselves tomorrow. Eventually, we will have enough of this mindset and will want to be more productive. It is a good time to introduce positive and stimulating activities, one that encourages and are dependant on expanding our ideas or actions, like engaging in online groups. For example, I signed up for four online exercise classes all with different themes, I cannot wait.

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Love Always, Clarissa K


Coming Soon

Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

I have been studying a Diploma in Psychological Astrology for the last couple of years at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), created by John Green. My interest in Astrology has been a theme in my life since childhood where I was influenced by my Grandmother and her association with the characteristics of people and their astrological sign. 

As an adult, through exploration, I started to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns that exist in the spaces around us, which led me to astrology. My interest became even clearer when I read my first astrology themed book, Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology by Liz Greene, after reading it, I knew I wanted to study Astrology academically, even though I was not completely sure what I was going to do with it at the time, It seems that things in life happen when they are suppose to. Thank you so much your time and sharing this experience with me. For more information about MISPA, click here.

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