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Her Luxury Wellness is a beauty and wellness lifestyle website that offers beauty, wellness and spiritual solutions with a creative touch to the woman who believes her world shows reflections of how she feels. She is a woman who wants only the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.
She believes that her world shows reflections of how she feels, so she chooses to feel special, to feel adored, to feel like a Queen with self-love, respect and care. She is a woman who wants only the best that life has to offer because she recognises her value.

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Wren Green, Lancashire, UK

Winner of BEST DAY SPA 2019 by Good Spa Guide Awards, in association with ESPA, the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village is a lavish adult-only experience. Finding a slice of heaven in the home to the Red Rose of Lancaster, the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village is a blissful escape into the Lancashire countryside, based in the North West of England, and located Preston and Blackpool.

Using Psychological Astrology and spiritual awareness as resource tools, the information of love can make a connection in areas higher than matter. Through the exploration of our birth chart, there is a discovery of the link between the aspects that attract our love interest, the activities we want in the pursuit of love, and our ideas of a successful love relationship. Further understanding of our love signs, can develop positive connections to our personal concepts of love and align with the belief that has the intention of creating a beautiful love life.

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The Moon in Leo represents passionate self-expression in their beliefs, a proudness from within. The Moon Sign of Leo would be attracted to the combination of needing to please and to be pleased, being generous while adoring generosity, and pampering while love to be pampered.

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Psychological Astrology Services coming soon
Clarissa K
Psychology is the study of the mind, Astrology is the study of the soul. As above, so below.

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Her Luxury Wellness starts with the vision and the philosophy that our emotions are connected to the way we interpret the world. How we feel within determines the people, things and situations we attract into our lives. To see the beauty in the world, we must first feel our own beauty from within, and to believe we are beautiful begins the journey of inner work. This inspired the tagline:
"Creating A Beautiful Canvas From Within”

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